Friday, November 25, 2011

Bunny Black Friday - Another Yawn

A little treat for you shoppers too pooped to slide a credit card even one more time - FREE!
Here are some pooped bunnies, as in yawning, not pooping from the butt (for a change).

Yawns are so cute, my wife and I smack each other ("Look! Look! Look!") - but quietly, so they don't stop - when one of the bunnies is yawning and even better, stretching, too. They are so loooooong!

I can sit there with the camera, praying for a picture or a video, and nothing.
Until I put it down.
By the time the stretch/yawn starts, I can try to grab the camera, turn it on, let it cycle until it's ready to take a picture and, well, it's long been over. Very elusive.

A friend sent me a link to someone who has  accumulated bunny yawn pictures and even a few movies. The movies will lead you to some more on YouTube, like the lionhead bunny who yawns, and someone overlaid a lion's roar on it.

Enjoy yawning bunnies here.

Thanks, Hank.
Happy Holidays, All.

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