Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lucy - Nuh uh. NO. No way. Don't even think it.

If you think about picking up Lucy, she runs into their pen and disappears into the tunnel or one of the boxes.

Sunday morning is our time to clean the bunnies' pen top to bottom, groom them, clip their nails when needed (like they needed today), give them a quickie Bunny 201 health inspection, et cetera.

Lucy was happily grazing in the fresh hay box, with her back to me. As soon as I started in her direction, she bolted into one of the boxes. When I put my hands there, she ran into the accordian tunnel. I put one hand at each end and was working my way to her in the middle when she limboed under one of my hands ... and into my wife's hands.

This is why we don't turn on the BunCam until late in the morning on Sundays.

I feel so violated.
Please do not ever do that again.
She's always intensely aware, watching you.
If she didn't just bolt, she could get a job with homeland security as one of their most vigilant officers.

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