Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bunny vision

In this picture, can Lucy & Ethel see each other?

I learned some more about bunnies today, about their vision. GHRS has a Facebook page where Miss Waffles answers questions (Miss Waffles also has her own Facebook fanpage).

Someone asked if bunnies see in color and the answer cited a very interesting article. Check it out if you want to learn what your bunny might be seeing - or not seeing.

While bunnies can see almost 360 degrees (think: defenses to being a prey animal), they have a blind spot right in front of them. So, while you might extend your closed hand when meeting a new (friendly) dog, you might scare the poop out of a bunny because you are in their blind spot. This is also the reason they have to sniff around to find a treat you put right in front of them.

Read the article and learn more, like why bunnies may only blink 10-12 times an hour (and other benefits of their third eyelid) and why they see best in half-light conditions (they are crepuscular, as also mentioned on the buncam page of this blog).

Oh, and you can read Miss Waffles bunderful advice column here.

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