Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vacuum-zilla Kong

Our rusty-trusty vacuum cleaner was in the shop for a 30,000 hare-raising mile check-up. In addition to its tune up, it needed a new power cord.

Care to guess why?
Because electric cords are a bunny's favorite freakin' chew toy!

So when you are categorizing in Quicken, is that a Household expense or a Pet expense?

Anyway, I'm off on a tangent, just like Ethel. The point was that we had to drag out the old beast of a vacuum to clean the bunnies' pen while the good vacuum was being freshened for their future chewing pleasure. This was the last time we will ever run that not-so-golden very-oldie. It made such a racket and smell (Honey, is something burning?), we only had it on for about a minute total.

Normally, they don't care, whether it is the regular vacuum or the little hand vacuum. I can be cleaning up right next to them and they won't move ... barely give it a glance.

However, in that one minute Vacuum-zilla was heaving and screaming, it scared the poop out of the bunnies.
They scattered for the hills.

Ethel ran out of the pen, zoomed around and
finally hid in the A-frame of chew sticks
where she could keep an eye on the beast.
Bunya the Chicken-Hearted dove into their big cardboard warren.
He is usually the most fearless.
And here is what we saw of Lucy:

I think we're all happy to see that thing go bye-bye.

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