Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ethel in her paper digging box -- and out of it

Ethel still LOVES her digging box.
She stayed buried in there so long (yes, this clip was really cut down), that I lobbed in a treat to perk her up. Look for the tips of her ears. Near the end of the clip, her little head pops up.
Of course, when Bunya sees treats flying, he hops over to scam some for himself.

One morning, I accidentally made a loud noise. You know how bunnies love those.
Ethel was in her paper box happily tunneling away. In the millisecond after the loud noise, she was a bolt of lighting standing about 5 feet away from the box, at attention in her on-guard position - and a piece of her paper box came with her...

Love those blue, blue eyes!
I could have made a video of this, too.
This is what the video would look like -- stare at the picture for 60 seconds.
She did not budge after the rocket ride. She stood frozen like that trying to figure out where the danger was coming from.
Then she thumped at me and ran off to her pen.

The digging box evolution is told here and here.

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