Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adventures in Grooming

We've showed pictures of grooming before, usually Ethel. She's such a little lady, so sweet, and it goes so quickly.

Ethel: Woo! That tickles!
Ethel stands up as she
gets her weekly physical
(Check out her gorgeous blue eyes,
just like her sister's)

On the other hand, there's Lucy...

You must hold on to Lucy when grooming ....

Does this look like a Disapproving Rabbit or what?!

But my wife makes it up to her by mesmerizing her afterwards, so she relaxes into a micro nap. Then she's given a papaya treat and released back into the wild (of the basement).

Love the little fore-paws - one laid down and one cocked up.

Do your bunnies (or other pets) like to be groomed?


  1. No! Mostly Goldie needs it - it's a horrible experience and never ends well.

    1. Understood! And they seem to have an endless supply of hair. At some point, you just have to stop so you don't brush them bald.

  2. Hi! My last rabbit was terrible with grooming. He wouldn't sit still for any of it. When we clipped his nails, he'd struggle so much that if you were watching you'd be sure we were hitting the quick... but we weren't (not even once). He wouldn't "mesmerise" at all but snap right out of it (to one vet's surprise - without informing me of their intentions, they put him on his back for an X-ray and I'm not sure of the details, but he came back with a torn nail, poor guy). We never did get to his anal glands, so had to pay the vet for that (and for most nail clippings - he was an expensive bun!). And forget brushes! The only thing he enjoyed was fur plucking (thank God for small favours). And this was not an anxious fella. He was my best friend, always at my heels, always happy to snuggle, super social even with strangers. Go figure. I'm hoping my next buns are a bit more tolerant!!

    1. Good luck. I wish Lucy would mellow out. This last weekend, we groomed her in her pen on the floor. We had taken everything out to vacuum and closed the gate with her inside. Just held her down versus trying to pick her up - it was actually a lot easier.
      BTW, LOVE your bunny planning aids.
      Folks, check out Nicole's blog at
      and her caresheets under Resources.