Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One day in the bunny pen ...

If you are a Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader, you know I use the buncam to peek in on them from work. This is a screenshot from yesterday.

What caught my attention was this was pretty much the same view as maybe a half hour earlier peek that I had of them. I thought maybe the transmission was stuck (or, knowing them, they had put the camera video on a loop, so they could make another escape unnoticed).

But then I noticed that Lucy's ears were moving, in bunny-scanning mode, independently twitching back and forth. So, it was still "live".

I thought their arrangement interesting. Lucy is in the upper right corner, laying her body around the chew mat that someone has half pulled inside the pen ... I wonder if this is how the door may have opened for the Great Escape (maybe tugging on the mat lifted the door enough for it to unlatch).

Ethel is perched on top of one of the boxes, almost in the center of the pen. When she is like this, laying flat, peering down over the edge, she reminds me of when Snoopy was being a vulture. She does like the high ground, peering down over her domain.

Bunya is in a bunny loaf, in the lower right hand corner (waiting for food, treats or loving). The box in front of him is new. Ethel has been trying out its roof, too, because it is now the tallest surface in their pen. We put that inside because they chewed the tunnel that went between the two Hopper Hideaway boxes so much, it wouldn't stay assembled or stand up anymore. They boss that new box around the pen, too, so we call it their "mobile home".

The box has two openings big enough for them to get in and out of, but neither is at ground level (more like windows than doors). So they have to hop just a little to get in. There's another small hole they can peek out of. They have all been in it and I have seen Ethel stick her little white nose out the little hole (but not captured a picture yet).

Yesterday morning, I went in to give them breakfast and was calling them to "the table". Bunya and Lucy responded and then all of a sudden, Ethel pops out of one of that box's windows, like a little jack in the box. It was so funny and so cute. Maybe that was her sleeping quarters overnight.

Last night, Ethel was running "NASbunnies", trying to figure out how the new box fit into the escape track she was imprinting in her head in case of danger.

Funny bunnies!


  1. What a great setup! Scamp has issues with understanding the necessity of structural supports too. His favourite ventage point box is current missing two corners and has an alarming sag in the middle. Luckily the tunnel into it is proping it up for now. He tends to get a bit carrier away with escape routes, so it starts with an entrance, then he adds a back entrance, then a side one, then one in the other side - just incase and about that point he's got more hole than box.

    1. Yes, I love when they are on top of the box and are eating it - that's what I call "making a skylight". I keep waiting for one to drop through the roof.
      Here are a couple of posts about it:

  2. I bought my two a Critter Castle two years ago when they first moved in with me. They didn't like that there were only two openings on the bottom floor, so they spend many an hour digging, peeling, ripping and finally shredding the back corner to give themselves one more escape hole.

    I kept telling them it was a diaster in the making, but they didn't believe me and kept on chewing away at the lower walls. About 6 weeks ago, Callie jumped onto the second level and I heard a BOOM, then saw a white streak fly across the floor. Yep, the house toppled over (onto the litterbox and tilted over Benjamin). Callie kept thumbing at me, as if it were my fault (which I'm sure it was, somehow). Meanwhile, Ben didn't do more than look up to find out what was blocking his light before continuing on with his hay munching.

    I have since bought a new castle and am watching as they chew the second level windows down to the flooring and rip up the lower wall. I wonder how long it'll take for this one to tip over too. LOL

    1. I looked up the Castle - the bunnies have something like that but it is part of the cardboard playground (outside their pen). Ethel likes it most, I think, because she likes the high ground. I understand the Callie white streak but can't believe Benjamin didn't bolt, too. Any scare here seems instantly contagious.

  3. Normally he would have bolted too, but he was eating. NOTHING interfers with the eating. EVER. :-D