Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bunny care - Bunny Proofing

As I have previously invoked the HopperHome blog's Ten New Years Resolutions for 2012 from a Long Time Rabbit Fanatic, I must do so again: 
I will not take for granted my home is “bunny proofed

Or that I will always remember to put things away IMMEDIATELY...

"Another one bites the dust" *
(and not in a good way)
(* A Queen song reference, just FYI. Somehow, seemed appropriate for a vacuum cleaner.)

The bunny pen was clean, but the vacuum is headed to the repair shop.
For another new cord.

The theory of bunativity:
Electric cords + Bunnies = Repair bills


  1. *sigh* Alas, a sight all too familiar...

  2. Sigh, my list is long and expensive: vacuum cleaner x2 hairdryer, hair straighteners (the really expensive kind), the refridgerator. All were supposedly out of harms reach!
    I feel your pain. xxx

  3. Oh no!!! Yes, a house is never fully bun-proofed... Poor hoover :(

  4. p.s. your bun-cam is AMAZING... i wish i had something like that for whilst i was at work... i would be on it all the time!

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I catch a NASbunny, usually Ethel racing around the pen. But it's also nice to keep an eye on them when someone's under the weather, like today's post: