Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bunya gets a facial

Bunya compressed himself next to Lucy, so her personal grooming carried over to him, which is what he was hoping...

They do this all the time. One will be grooming, or eating, or drinking, or just sitting there minding their own business, and another bunny will slide underneath to try to get some licks. It often works, so they will keep doing it. Even if it doesn't, the slidee seems to be satisfied with the companionable movement in close proximity ... just to be touching.

1 comment:

  1. My two bunnies do that all the time, too. Almost all the time, it's Daisy (who looks a lot like a lop-eared, female version of Bunya) who demands grooming from Penelope, who is our bigger sort-of English Spot. Fortunately, Penelope seems to enjoy grooming Daisy. When Penelope tries pushing her head under Daisy, she's usually lucky to get some secondhand grooming like this. The dynamics of their relationship is pretty interesting.