Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lucy knows her name - for a treat

The boxes we get when we buy vinegar in mass quantity from Costco were used by my daughter to construct a honeycombed plaything for the bunnies. The boxes hold four HUGE bottles of vinegar and have a divider. Basically, you remove one of the dividers, turn one of the boxes 90 degrees and smash them together - but not all the way. The result leaves four openings and 2 levels. Recently, the old ones were disposed of and replaced by some new boxes.

The new one has become Lucy's favorite cardboard playground box and that's where she spends most of her time when she ventures out of the pen. You can hear her in there ripping that fresh cardboard to shreds.

Well, the structure must make some kind of sound baffle (not to mention an echo chamber for tearing cardboard) because Lucy can't hear the jar being opened to give them their favorite treat. Bunya and Ethel are already at the jar as soon as they hear the lid being rotated. Even crumpling the treat bag didn't get Lucy's attention (although Bunya and Ethel were about to pee in their pants they were so excited).

So we have to call Lucy (in a high pitched girly voice - and I don't want to hear anything about it - it's what she answers to). She pops out of her new favorite box and runs to be included. Lucy hesitates just a second (staying out of "pick up" distance) until she sees what's happening and then dives in with the others. She even forgets to run off with her treat to eat by herself. (She got a small piece, so she got a second small chip to make up for it.)

Funny bunnies.

What do your bunnies do for treats?


  1. My two go absolutely crazy for Cheerios (the store-brand unsugared kind). They come at warp speed, run circles around me, and jump in my lap. I know they're not the best treat for them, and I only give them a few at a time.

    Dried fruit from Just Tomatoes is also a hit, but the Cheerios are the big winner.

    I think your call to Lucy is perfect, and I see why she responds. It sounds a lot like Ricky Ricardo. :-)

    1. Cheerios?!?
      RobynLS, Trix are for ... oh, yeah. Never mind.
      If you ever post a YouTube of your bunny Cheerios tornado, please post the link here - I'd love to see it.

      lol - You caught the Ricky call, huh? You must have good hearing, like a bunny. (And that call was much higher pitched than her usual Ricky call.) Yes, when we adopted Lucy and Ethel, someone asked if were going to change Bunya's name to Ricky.