Monday, February 20, 2012

Treat for Lucy

This is Lucy eating her treat, her share of a Probios. As noted previously, they love them and she runs off with hers to insure that it is all hers and there is no undesired sharing. Very protective she is (last sentence written by Yoda, I guess).

The piece she gets here is bigger than normal, but one hand held the camera and the other was trying to break the treat into smaller portions.

They are shedding. Again. Wish she had done her hair before this, so the little feathers of falling out hair weren't sticking out of her butt, but that's bunnies for you. Bunya sheds the worst ... he is looking like a shaggy little hobo bunny.

Near the end (about 55 seconds in), her ears go into independent movement alert mode. The right (white tipped) ear cocks back and forth, listening for any intruders who might try to snatch her snack (or try to pick her up).

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