Monday, February 6, 2012

Bundinis - Lucy and Ethel demonstrate escape skills

Bunny Houdinis = Bundinis

A friend captured this video of the bunnies bossing around the fence that used to limit their territory (it has been replaced by the door until we figure out something more secure ... or they start standing on each others shoulders to get to the door knob).

Previously, Ethel pretty much does the effective escape moves all by herself. In this instance, Lucy lucks into one of her patented brute force moves that aids the cause. But it's still Ethel who remembers the secret formula ... working on the side panels closest to the wall, lifting the fence by the bar at the bottom, and - the most important part - when it pulls away from the wall, go around it!

There's no doubt that Ethel could handle all this by herself.

(This video is embedded from my friend's site, so if it stops too soon, just press "play" again.)

Just a couple of juvenile bunlinquents.
(You figure it out: juvenile ----- ----------- = bunlinquents)

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  1. That's a cute bunny. Mine was lost, i has gone out on its cage.

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  2. That is just a small-town jail for some big city crooks!

    1. Barney Fife of Mayberry trying to hold in Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel.

  3. My bunnies used to push and pull at their fencing until they could escape, which happened more than once. It's quite long and winds around from one wall to the other, so it was fairly easy to pull aside. We finally put dumbbells on either side at the end, angled together so they would hold the fence. That worked for a little while, but then they discovered they could dislodge it by pushing on other parts of the fence. Finally, we took left-over paving bricks from our patio and put them around the pen fence (on both sides), especially at the far end of the "wall" section to hold it in place (you still need the dumbbells or other weights at the wall), as well as at other strategic locations around the fence. That has finally stopped the problem. As a bonus, they use the bricks as pillows sometimes - very cute.