Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Animated virtual bunny for "leap" day

Here's something you may find fun, a virtual bunny.
Click your mouse on the sitting bunny and he hops (which makes this a good post for "leap" day).
Click on the "more" tab in the lower right hand corner and you can grab a carrot to feed him. To feed the carrot, click on it, move the tip to the bunny's mouth and click the mouse again. The bunny eats a bite of carrot with each click until it's gone. With crunchy sound effects.

If you know anybody that wants to get their kids a rabbit for Easter, suggest one of these bunnies.
The website offers many different virtual pets you can adopt. But, hey (or hay), this is a bunny blog. You have options for naming your pet, naming the adopters, changing the pet's color and selecting the code for where you put it (like Facebook). Virtuoso is now here on RR and on my iGoogle home screen.

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