Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Animal cruelty in Florida

Natural resources are generally in limited supply.

Except human stupidity - In Florida, it is a renewable resource, as they seek to overturn a ban against dyeing animals. Some dog groomer wants to be able to dye dogs for fun, for pet shows. If you have a bunny, you can see the fallout of this - bunnies dyed "fun" colors for Easter, so that even more rabbits are cute impulse purchases by parents for kids. In addition to whatever damage may be done to the bunny in the dyeing process, they land in homes of uneducated owners; if they survive the often unintentional cruelty (small cages, little exercise, improper diet, neglect...), they will be abandoned to an already overflowing shelter or just released into the wild, for which a domestic rabbit has no coping skills.

HopperHome has links and information on how to voice your opinion about this idiocy.
If you are on Facebook, HRS (National) has a post about this on March 8.

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