Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bunya status update (Day 3)

Thank you to everyone wishing Bunya well!

Today's visit, Bunya seemed another step more towards his old self. The hay consumption/processing/expelling apparatus (i.e., the bunny) seems to be working again, just not up to 100%.

He didn't want to be cuddled and skritched, so he climbed on my shoulder, like a bunny version of a pirate parrot (everyone say: Arrrrgh!) and then across my shoulders to the exam table (we were using the room to visit).

Bunya as pirate parrot,
on my shoulder

A little later, he condescended to make himself into a flat little puddle and have his ears skritched. My hand tired of this before he did.

Mmmmmm ...
Tomorrow, they take another set of pictures and if it appears that the mass is breaking up, we may be able to bring him home.

Thanks again, everyone!


  1. Keep up the good work, Bunya!!!! (Hang in there everybody ..)

  2. Hopefully he will get to come home soon...the best place for our fur kids to be...

  3. So glad to hear he's doing better.