Sunday, March 11, 2012

RR Submission - Bluebell

Look at this adorable little Texas bun! Bluebell is recovering from dental surgery. Teeth are something that your rabbit-savvy vet should regularly check; it can be a reason your bunny is not eating or otherwise behaving in an "off" manner. When Bunya was first feeling pooky, that was a possibility and checking his teeth is on the agenda, even though the tummy issue has been identified.

Back to Bluebell: What's amazing to me is ... can you guess how old Bluebell is?

Bluebell: Is this, what,
some amuse' from the chef?
Because I know this is not the main course
- you can do better.
A LOT better.
10 years old!
I hope I age as well!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet post; BlueBell is doing great, eating greens and hay and pooping. We wish the very best for Darling Bunya.