Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quickie Bunya update

Thank you all for your comments, well-wishes for Bunya and the many great suggestions. Oh, and a much better descriptive name for the critical care --- in the future, it will be referred to as a "hay smoothie".

Had another "rough and tumble journey" * to the vet.

We do not like roller coasters

We are going to wean off the hay smoothie - something I think we will all endorse. Of course, we need to watch Bunya to make sure he eats, drinks and poops. We got some oat hay (another good suggestion) to add more variance to the hay flavors; they all seem to like it. The medicines will continue. Focus is on getting Bunya well and reducing the mass. Hopefully, re-bonding will follow.

P.S. Saw another vanity license plate yesterday (before the vet visit) that reminds me of our life at the moment, except it would need to be Mr. & Ms. Zoo*

And my daughter sent me this one:

* These remind me of Simon & Garfunkel's "At the Zoo"


  1. Keep the Humor.
    Keep the Faith.
    Keep the Bunya!!!!

  2. Hope bunya gets well soon try her on a mix of fresh cut herbs:coriander,basil,and parsley and spinach my speedy loves these.