Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rubber baby bunny bumpers...

... something like that.

Anyway, we took the bunnies for an extended car ride last weekend, to HRS. We were able to give them some close-proximity-without-fighting time, and we stocked up on supplies. While we shopped and looked at the bunnies up for adoption, the on-site bunny-mom set up a little exercise pen and some H2O for them; this was very nice and gave them a few extra square feet to not (yea!) fight in (but we watched them just in case).

During the ride, the bunnies bounced all around the carrier, shifting positions. Fortunately, no fights. Wish we could say the same for when we are at home...

At various times, Ethel was hidden from view
under somebun.
When she wasn't, her ears were quaking.
Lined up like a cord of wood

Here's where some of the "baby" came in:
Cuteness abounds!
I think they are recent arrivals and the DayGlo orange caution feet are not due to their being too close to Homer's Springfield power plant, but from digging in Georgia red clay. It will wash or wear off.
We hope.


  1. Is Bunya a Polish bunny?

    1. He's a pet store bun.
      HRS told us he's a Netherland Dwarf.