Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bunny Airlines

Bunny owners are always on the lookout for bunny-appropriate cardboard boxes. My wife, who travels a lot, was recently awarded a new suitcase (by an airline!). The suitcase box fit the bill:
Plain brown cardboard, not a lot of ink.
No staples.
Tape and stickers easily removed.

After finding such treasure, the next question is how do you make it fun for bunnies?

More than one opening is a good start. If you leave a little threshold, they hop in and out. The openings can be cut different ways. Leave the flaps on - they like to chew and chin them. Flaps can fold up, down or to the side; mix it up. Some openings may be smaller, just to allow them to peek out.

This box was a tall box, so a cardboard insert made a nice shelf for them to hop up to. To make that shelf sturdier, the cardboard stuck out the sides (instead of cutting it down). This also gives them another surface to chew.

My wife came home and exclaimed: You built the bunnies an airplane!
Well, I suppose if you had a little kid's imagination ... could be.

Well, this has become one of Ethel's favorites. In this clip (actually two small ones stuck together), Ethel starts out peeking out of the "cockpit". Then she hops down into the passenger compartment and deplanes. Oh, and sometimes when she is on the upper level, she bops the lid open repeatedly (one flap covers the entire top) - that's what caught my attention in the first place, but she had stopped that by the time I got the camera going.

Now, what can those big just-delivered air filter boxes be turned into???

What do you do with your bunny boxes?


  1. I like the shelf, I'll have to try that one. Scamp loves boxes and card tunnels. I have to be careful with taller ones though as he uses them as a launch platform to jump on things he shouldn't!

  2. A round hole in each end. That's it. a week later, start over!

    1. Oh! Most of the buns' stuff can last months. Eventually, we will throw something out (recycle bin) and replace it, sometimes with new versions of the same boxes.