Friday, March 2, 2012

Funny bunny feets

Bunny are cute and funny. You probably agree with me or you would not be reading this.

One funny thing about them is their feet, for example, where they will be positioned when the bunny flops or just lays down.

This location, by the threshold bar to their pen,
is a favorite place for Bunya and Lucy.
Here, Lucy keeps her left leg cocked to run
(watching intently that my proximity is just to take a picture
and not to try to pick her up),
but the right leg is fulled stretched ... under the door.

Bunya lounging outside the pen,
watching us watch him.
Leg out to the side.

Ethel is consistently the most amusing to me.
One of her favorite positions seems to include sticking
a back foot though the fence and resting it on the bar
(in this case, braced against the mesh).
Of course, if you have a bunny, you know there are a lot more funny postures they assume.
More another day.

What are your bunny's (or pet's) favorite lounging positions?


  1. I love the "full frog" with both legs extended fully behind them.

    1. Check out the next post - is that the one you mean??? I love that one, too.