Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bunny proofing


Have we mentioned, some bunnies don't like corners?

Door jamb...
more like "toast and jam" to a bunny

How many of us bunny slaves will be repainting or losing our damage deposits when it's time to move?
Yeah ... thought so.

Next time, getting those clear plastic pieces for corners.
Although they'd probably love those too ... like making a sandwich from leftovers.


  1. I've been incredibly lucky in the two years I've been a bunny slave: my bunz haven't chewed the carpeting or molding. However, one of them did get stuck behind the computer desk and had no choice but to chew through 8 cords while waiting for me to come home and move everything so she could continue on her merry way.

    Now I have a new fuzzball in the house and I may have to re-proof some things that were ignored previously.

    1. Egads - my great fear is that they hop up to the computer desk. There's a sign that says "Don't leave chair next to desk" (unless your butt is in it!).
      Similar to your computer desk experience, Alice disappeared one day - behind the stereo cabinet ... no speaker wire survived ... lots of pretty lights on the boxes, just nowhere for the sound to come out.
      Lucy's the one who likes to eat carpet.
      Good luck with your new fuzzy bunny!

  2. Hopeless. But what the heck.

  3. Totally! Skirting boards, door frames, fireplaces... Anything wooden! Our house is inspected by our landlord every 3 months (he doesn't know we have rabbits, landlords are very strict in Ireland). The buns go on holiday to their grandparents and we spend a few days on our hands and knees looking for nibble marks and touching up/repairing. Sometimes I think children would be less work! But they're so worth it for how they make me laugh and smile :)

    1. Wow! Here, many places allow pets with a "pet deposit" or a fee to be used for any extra repairs or needed cleaning. You are lucky to have bunny grandparents!