Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bunya update

Went to visit Bunya at the vet yesterday. As the vet had reported, he seemed better. Pooping and eating again, both good signs. But still a ways from his normal self.

They give the patients a towel and gave Bunya a pile of hay. Bunya was chewing on the towel ... not the "fiber" they were trying to get him to ingest.

Patient Bunya on Friday afternoon,
trying to get over "atomic ache"

Hopefully, will get to see him again today. Looking forward to his coming home, but with a little anxiety. It seems that  the bunny pecking order can be re-arranged when one is absent. In the extreme, the bunnies can unbond, as with Alice (which is how we ended up with Lucy & Ethel). We went through a reunion crisis when Ethel was away at the vet for almost a week; there's a series of (eight) posts about this episode on the Bunny Care page, the last set of links near the bottom that includes Family Therapy for Bunnies ... the set is titled: Adventures in bonding. And unbonding. And re-bonding.

If Bunya has the same towel as yesterday, I think I'll ask the vet if I can borrow it and bring it home so Lucy & Ethel will have his scent close. If you have any experience with re-integrating a bunny who's been ill and away for a little while back into a bonded group, any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  1. Get well soon, sweet Bunya; we just went through this with our little bun, and discovered he had tooth problems. The vet got him all fixed up (We can recommend Dr. Elizabeth Rogers in DFW-Animal Medical Center of Plano,Texas).

  2. I hope Bunya gets well and can come home soon. I'm sure everyone misses having his furry face around. He looks very cute as always in that picture, but his expression seems a little off and verging on disapproving.

    A good rabbit vet is worth his weight in gold, even if that's what it costs to go see him (or her). I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Wright at the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital. I think it's well worth it to drive almost an hour to get there (Daisy may not think so, but it is.) Here;s his bio, which is pretty impressive.

    My Daisy has unbelievably bad teeth. All her cheek teeth are way out of alignment, and grow spurs every few months. He has filed them about 3 times, and finally we removed all of them on one side (half first, and then half later). He did a great job with all of it, and is really nice besides.

    It sounds like Bunya has a good one, too.

  3. Thank you all for the good vibes and get well wishes for Bunya. Your comments reminded me to ask about checking his teeth while he's there ... always a good idea with a bunny.

  4. I heard about your hairball. Feel better Bunya!