Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bunya status

Visited Bunya at the vet again this afternoon. They say he's getting better. We snuggled for a while and I rubbed his head, since the girls weren't around to do it. He relaxed his eyes to slits and I think he chattered a little here and there. I got a lick.

It turns out it was a stressful day there - for the people (I always worry about the constantly barking patients, but they try to separate the noisy and the quiet). The vet had unexpected emergency surgery that lasted most of the afternoon. At one point, one of the nurses went to Bunya and started rubbing his head so she could relax and bring her blood pressure down. He was happy to be of service.

Bunya: When are you busting me out of this joint?
What did I do? Can't I come home?
The vet let me borrow the towel they gave Bunya so that the girls could keep the Bunya in mind. They were very wary of it at first; maybe it smells more like the vet's office than Bunya.

Eventually, Ethel bravely gave it a thorough chinning.

Dinnertime and bedtime (when they get a few treats in their bowl) are much lower key with just the girls. No big rush ... the greens get nibbled over a much longer time. Ethel will get to the treats when she gets to the treats, even though Lucy might hop over to snag a few first.

Thank you to everyone who has sent Bunya get well wishes!!!


  1. I'm glad to hear he's feeling better and hope he gets to come home to the girls (and you) soon.

    Whisker kisses from Jasper and Callie.

  2. Sending healing wishes to Bunya!
    From your fan in California,
    p.s. Mr. Bean wants to know if you have a Snuggle Safe (those microwaveable discs) to offer Bunya if he wants to stay warm when he gets home?

    1. I am afraid if they get warmer, the shedding will expand exponentially! Do not have those but will have to ask vet. The threesome often resembles a little bunny pile-up; I think that's how they warm up.

  3. Lots of get well soon vibes and nosebonks from Einstein, Eva and Pixie, the Irish adorabunnies! x

  4. All good thoughts towards Bunya...