Sunday, December 18, 2022

A Very Bunny Chanukah

Any bunny and Chanukah tie-ins???

Well, of course there are! Here are some examples ...
Bunnies lighting a menorah
is an animated ecard on
This bunny sitting on a carrot is a Menorah.
No longer available  :(

You can buy cards with a bunny and Chanukah theme here.
A bunny book about the holiday for little kids is available here.

Bunny and chocolate ... yum!

Needlepoint bunny eating a latke*.
Don't think a bunny would
really eat a latke, but it's cute.
(* fried grated and seasoned potato pancake,
traditionally served on Chanukah.
Think of a really excellent little hash brown round.)

Happy Chanukah - The Festival of Lights!