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Trying something new -
Send us your funny bunny submissions for Rabbit Ramblings

You can send us your bunny photos (with or without suggested captions, thoughts or observations), bunny sightings to add to the Bunny Things page, bunny care tips, links to excellent bunny care sites ...
Rabbit Rescue Societies/HRS chapter buns up for adoption are welcome - please include a link to where a potential adopter can learn more about the bun.

In addition to your photo, please include:
1. Your name and email
And as applicable:
2. The name(s) of the bunny or bunnies
3. Where you saw the Bunny Thing (for example, at the ABC Arts Festival in City, State or in the Store Name located ...)

4. IF YOU SEND A BUNNY PRODUCT FOR SALE OR BUNNY ART, PLEASE INCLUDE THE INDIVIDUAL OR COMPANY NAME, EMAIL, AND WEBSITE OR A LINK TO WHERE READERS CAN FIND AND BUY IF THEY WANT IT (Check the item's label or a related business card for the info). It is much more likely to get posted if proper credit can be given.

5. And any other relevant information or story.

6. Include a Subject Line, like:
For Bunny Things ... From XYZ Rescue Shelter ... My Funny Bunny

No clue as to whether anyone will send anything or if the volume will be high, but please be aware that this is a hobby. I have to work for a living - it may be a while before what you send gets posted, if it is chosen for posting; there is no guarantee or promise that it will get posted.

By sending anything, you agree to the terms below.

Wooo Hooo - Mail!!!

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If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, do not submit Works to this Website.
1. When you submit Works, you expressly acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by updating this posting. You should check this from time to time to review the current Terms and Conditions, since they are binding on you.
2. When you submit a photo, you still own it, but you are granting Rabbit Ramblings and its authors a perpetual royalty-free non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, modify, translate, transmit, distribute and sub-license any Works you supply or communicate to the Website in any medium, now in existence or hereafter developed, for any purposes, including commercial use. You agree that you have no implicit or explicit right to financial compensation from use of the image in any way.
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