Monday, November 28, 2016

Funny Bunny Monday Meme*day

I tell Bunya and Ethel: Have a good day and be sweet to each other.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ethel bossing her bowl around

This is the bowl in which the bunnies get their dried willow leaves.
It was empty.
Ethel does not like empty.

She has taken to bossing their food dishes around; we will find them shoved under the ramp to their castle tower or in their tunnel. She will turn it over and sometimes eat the little bits that come out from the bottom of the bowl. Then she'll flip it back over and see if there is anything she missed, or if more has magically appeared.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hay is a necessity for bunnies

Bunnies should have access to unlimited hay 24/7, along with clean fresh water. Primarily, Bunya and Ethel eat Timothy hay; we get the first and second cut from Small Pet Select. To change things up, we get them a variety of "treat" hays (but not alfalfa - they are way too old for that).

[Disclosure: Rabbit Ramblings, its bunnies and its humans have no ownership or financial interest in Small Pet Select.]

We just got a new cut of hay, Small Pet Select's "third cut". To see if the bunnies liked it, I put it in its own bowl. It was a bedtime treat.


What I found the next morning:

I formed a hypothesis that... just maybe, perhaps, it could be... they liked this new "flavor".

And to test this hypothesis, filled the bowl up again.
Then add bunnies. (Actually, they added themselves as soon as I put it down).

Of course, silly human that I am, I put the best pieces of hay in the bottom of the bowl, so they had to fluff it up to access those. (Will have to develop another study sometime, to see what makes that perfect piece of hay.)

Here's video of bunnies eating hay. Watch as much as you want - it doesn't change much:
select piece of hay, chew it, select another.

For more on bunny diet, see the post What is a treat?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The indignities of humans grooming bunnies

Ethel hates getting her nails cut, but she looks so darn cute anyway. 

Meme says: You shall pay for clipping my nails, human. And not just foot flicks...
... careful eating your morning Cocoa Puffs!

And this is what the indignity of what having your scent glands cleaned looks like:
Picture of upper bunny only.
This is a family-friendly blog.
Bunya was mortified (me, too), but he really needed it.

Many, many thanks to thebunnylady of GHRS!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day

To our veterans on Veterans Day:
Thank you for your service.
Wishing you peace and good health.

For another Veterans Day post, see My Army Bunny Family.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Back

Bunya's ability to tell time has been recapped a couple of time, including this post and here again.

Bunya was bugging me for their 9pm treat (a piece of Probios). However, he did not take into account the "fall back" to standard time (clock in upper left corner).

Normally, he starts staring at me from the floor at a few minutes of 9 o'clock. If I don't see him or ignore his attempt at Jedi mind control of me, a few minutes after 9, he hops on the sofa to get my attention (with Ethel standing on the floor, right under where he is). In prior years, he has adjusted to the change, which always surprised me, but he missed it this year.

Well? I'm waiting.
Still got the treat, but we are stretching it back to 9. Another unanticipated problem with Daylight Savings Time.

The Two-legged Treat Dispenser.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pet stamps!

And they included a bunny!
(Left side, 4th down)

Now, if we could only get a whole roll of stamps with nothing but bunnies...

Monday, November 7, 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Flopapalooza -- The DBF, or Dead Bunny Flop

Ethel almost gave me a heart attack. Bunya and Ethel flop (especially Ethel) and we think it is really cute. This time, she fell over further than usual - until I saw her breathing, I couldn't breathe.

New bunny owners are not prepared for this and are often scared when first encountered. Flopping is good, just like binkying - it means you are doing the right stuff and have a happy, relaxed, comfortable bunny. As an experienced owner, you abbreviate this behavior as DBF, for dead bunny flop (always hoping it never lives up to its name).

When the meme of Ethel was posted on the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page, a number of people sent in their own pictures of their heart attacks, I mean, bunnies flopped. Quite an assortment...

Love dat mouf

(This sweetie is over the Rainbow Bridge)

like Dr. Seuss... Flop in box.
He lives with 5 cats, so
that explains the box thing.
(If it fits, I sits.)

in a postprandial coma


LuLu's husbun


Look at that mouf!




Rosie (aka the Notorious B.U.N.)
in a "Cow jumped over the moon" pose

Cookie & Rory
Rare double flop - the Dynamic DBF Duo

Another flop in box

Such a sweet name



Love the tail sticking out the pen

An eyes open flop



Does the ground shake when Quake flops?



(Over the Rainbow Bridge)