Bunny Things

No, we did not buy all these tchotchkes (knickknacks, collectibles, trinkets, gadgets, toys). Some are just pictures of things that remind us of bunnies. Since we have bunnies, many find it funny to find us bunny items. My sister is extraordinary at this, among other things, and we do not know where she finds the things she has sent us. Where do you shop that you just "come across" some of this stuff?

NOTE> You can click on some of the links below. To use some of them, you may have to copy and paste the site address into your browser.

Always #1: Bunny mouse pad
A portion of sale proceeds benefit the House Rabbit Society of North GA.
Buy one (or more) at GHRS Zazzle mousepad

Bunny fetish I got for Valentines Day
Turquoise bunny fetish
New items added below (most recent at top)

"Tonight I'm going to have a stew with lots of vegetables." Artist

Additional ounce stamp

A card that we are going to frame

Bunny wax stamp to seal envelopes

Sandra Boynton on FB
and website

Salt & Pepper shakers collection

(Wallet I got my daughter for her birthday)

Bunny butt mold/ice cube tray
Bunny chair from 2019-01-27
GHRS silent auction

Submitted by Regular Rabbit Ramblings Readers
that were on a cruise

Make-up bag from Sephora

Bunny picture used to promote vegan products spotted
in a store window in Canada by DrMrsBunnyMom (on a work trip).
We are just conditioned to zoom in on anything bunny.

Check out this post for bunny art from
the 2018 Dogwood Festival
(including artists' contact info)

From Cowabunny

World's cutest hand sanitizer holder
(Bath & Body Works)

Bunny jewelry

Starbuck's gift card with bunnies

Found here

Art found here

Image may contain: text
This bunny has a bunny on her nose!
A complete silhouette from ears to fluffy little tail.
Bunny bathroom - but for humans
You can find this here and here.

Bunny sticker on violin case
Add caption

1 of 20 USPS Pet Stamps

Many Bunny Things found on travel to Maine
Submitter noted he found neither
duck nor bunny on the menu.
Bunny Art from the 2016 Decatur Arts Festival.
See here for more bunny art and
the artists' contact data.
Items found at Tulsa, OK Reasor's by a RR reader

Card from SATURN PRESS, P.O. Box 368 Swan's Island, Maine 04685

Purchased by RR reader here
Bunny figurines
www.prada.com sweater
Bunny (and beaver) statue
For sale here
Jorunna parva - the fluffy little bunnies of the sea.
Read about this sea slug here.
Bunny dish - check out the online art store here
(dogs, cats, bunnies & more)
Father's Day card from my son.
Open it so the back shows and it's a full landscape.
Bunny towel
Sign (South Korea)
Majestic bunny cloud
Binders Art Supplies and Frames Logo
(Available on their T-shirts)
Bunny fountain pen
(received as birthday gift)
Pineapple bunny with blueberry eye
in a fruit bowl
Bunny tire cover
Image "friend" sent me because,
well, maybe I'm a little too bunny-centric.
Bunny art, mixed media entitled "Bonded Pair"
(Really cute) Bunny T-shirt
(spotted on another patron at
Sushi House Hayakawa)
Bunny ring
Needle felted wool bunnies
(and other animals)
Bunny stationary
Bunny treat bag
(received a Valentine's Day sweet in this)
Bunny napkin rings
Cute bunny in an underwear ad
Big bunny art installation
Bunny sticker bookfrom JetPens
Bunny art - Bunny Love
by SaBenerica
Miniature bunny tea set
Bunny cotton dispenser
Bunny PJs
(spotted in TV commercial)
Antique carousel bunny can be yours...
for about $44,000.
Origami dollar bill bunny
(instructional video here)
Dust bunny
Bunny plant
Banana bunny
Bunny shaped piece of bread
(Almost ate it before I noticed)
Bunny car decals
Daisy Mae's Instagram
Daisy Mae's Facebook page
Buy the decals from: Friends Not Food
Bunny door stops
Stone bunny
(So is the gravel supposed to be poop?)
Bunny art
Bunny toddler blanket
Bunny art,
specifically, Jeff Koons
(at the Whitney)
So many bunny things found
at this DC store!
(see post for lots of pictures)
Bunnies of Biltmore
(see post for lots of pictures)
Bunny pillow
Bunny covered salad bowl
or soup tureen (?)
Bizzaro bunny art
Apparently, somebunny has been
sticking their hands in French subway doors.
Bunny napkins
Bunny love statue
from Bunnyfest 2014.
See post for more bunny things.
Ben&Nevis BunArt
Bunny art spotted in Asheville NC gallery
Bunny art statues
Bunny cases
Bunny tattoo
See other Bunny Things spotted at
the Decatur Arts Festival here.
Bunny statue
Bunny art from clock parts
Representative of all the bunny things
spotted at an arts festival.
Check them all out here.
Guess this is where you gas up,
if you drive a Rabbit
(with the license plate IML8 IML8)
One of several bunny samurai helmets
Bunny art gift
(source can be founds here
Bunny chocolate bar (for HUMANS - NEVER bunnies)
Bunny flower centerpiece
(source can be found here
Stuffed bunnies
(at a DC Papyrus)
Bunny chalk art from the
Denver Chalk Art Festival
Bunny Thank You note cards from Mara-Mi
Bunny dolls wearing bunny slippers
William Sonoma recipe & instructions
Another bunny stamp
(bunny butts!)
Bunny butt cake - Recipe is here
Another version of
bunny butt pancakes
Bunny sticker
at pizza parlor
Bunny vase gift
Bunny slippers
(different than the others posted below)
Bunny stamp received as a gift
Bunny stamp kit from Mama Elephant
Bunny tile
Mozzie, in snow bunny form
Toffe's nose!
GHRS snow bunny
Bunny butt cupcake
2014 Sochi Olympics mascots
Bunny tattoo

Bunny door knocker
(So other than your bunnies can thump at you)

Bunny things from the High Museum Gift Shop


Angel Hare Pasta by Darlene Hardie
From Animal Professions
Makes bunny head ice cubes
Detail of trimmed bushes at
Butchart Gardens
Detail of rabbit from airport window

In 4 parts:
Vancouver Art Co-op a Bunny-Rich Environment
More Vancouver bunny sightings - Part 1
More Vancouver bunny sightings - Part 2
More Vancouver bunny sightings - Part 3
Check out Seattle Bunny Things
sightings here

Restaurant sign
Bunny bench, from in front of the GHRS Rabbit Shelter
Bunny cake
RR Facebook page readers found some links that discuss the technique:

Outside Trunk Show store (CHS, SC)

Bunny coupon
Entrance to Bunya Spa in NY
Bunny emblem
Bunny butt pancakes
(Wonder if they sell them at IHOP)
GHRS Annual Silent Auction Event
Cake by The Cake Hag
See all the other Bunny Things from this event at these posts:

In the Sacramento airport,
Lawrence Argent's 56'x19'
red bunny statue: Leap
Rabbit romaine?
(Rabbit) Head of lettuce?
Bunny cookies
(spotted at Hungarian
street festival)
Art of John Hung Ha
Yard art bunnies
Wooden bunny (flopped)
from Noah's Ark
Click here to see the bunny art
spotted at the 2013 Atlanta Arts Festival
Honey bunny
So MANY bunny things
in art and antique shops.
See them at this post.
Bunny wrapping paper
(in blue, pink, yellow & green)
Buy these adorable bunny bumper stickers here
Antique bunny box -
One of over 3 dozen
Bunny Things discovered in
antique shops one day
(posted here)
Bunny clasp purse
Bunny high heels!
10,000 Mysterabbits are being placed around the world
to remind people to "stop and smell the roses".
MOMA bunny wall hook
Bunny parking sign
Detail of art piece in restaurant
Knit bunny
Bunny ornament modeled after your bunny!
(+ 15% goes to HRS!)
Bunny book - with a cotton tail in the back
Bunny ring
Bunny sippy cups
See more like this here.

Origin and description for the 9 pictures below are at this post.

Bunny note paper
(with appropriate reminder)
Porch bunny (CHS, SC)
Bunny bushes (3) in bunny garden
Bunny decoration 
Uh ... bunny mannequin. Kinda'.
Vienna store window.
(Don't ask me)
Bunny light
(body lights up)
Bunny tote -
must be for greens

To see bunny art from the 2013 Decatur Arts Festival,
check out this post.


Bunny art at restaurant, Xiao Bao Biscuit
(Uh, ladies room - no I did not go in)
Bunnies in Funnies: Rose is Rose
Bunny white chocolate coffee
Bunny bubble maker

Bunny sculpture

Spotted at Dogwood Festival
Artist's site at www.shijunart.com
Bunny lollipops
Belgian chocolate bunny
Bunny butt baby PJs
Google fiber logo
Bunny bushes
Bunny origami
Two bunny necklace
Bunny coffee -
must be skilled barista!
The Passover Bunny?
(Distant relative of Easter Bunny?)
Child's bunny art
No comment
Necklace my waitress
was wearing at lunch
(Bunnies are everywhere!)
Dr. Bunnymom needs to stop
buying so many Bunny Things
on her travels ... take a picture!
Although, okay, I have  to admit,
this is pretty cute - and practical.
We will use this. 
And here's the bunny bottle stopper
"uncorked" - like a little rabbit
out of a magician's hat!
Bunny wallet
Easter bunny ... poops jelly beans
Only way to eat bunnies - chocolate
(in this case, zombie)
Bunny box
Snow bunny meet tree
(a la' George of the Jungle)
Easter bunny in store
Bunny in store
Stuffed bunny
with mustache
Bunny buns
Bunny rolls
Bunny bread
Valentine's Day bunny gift
Art bunnies
From sun screen
Valentine's love bunny
Bunny brick
GHRS bunny greeter
GHRS bunny greeter
Bunny meme poster:
Plz to insert treats
Kay thanx
Bookshelf bunny
Handmade "new baby girl" card
Bunny themed Jumble puzzle:
What do you call a rabbit on the lawn?
A grass hopper
T-shirt I received as a gift
(daughter thought it looked like Bunya)
Christmas lights ...
Either a long-legged bunny
or really long-eared deer.
Bunny knit hat
Bunny charm
Bunny material
Bunny clips
Bunny paper clips
Bunny iPhone cover
Plush bunny in
his carrot car
Bunny cup
Bunny baby blanket
Quick like a bunny
Bunny craft project
Bunny granola bar, but for humans
(In particular, mango flavor)
Bunny "charm" for a key chain
or bracelet? (Spotted along sidewalk;
key is for size perspective)
Bunnies spotted in Japan
by touring friends
(Rabbit Ramblings Roving Reporters
are everywhere!)
Chocolate bunny art
Bunny spotted above Austin store sign,
Uncommon Objects.
Yes, that certainly is.
More bunny jewelry posted here
Bunny necklace
Window decal bunny
Bunny sighting at a Starbucks
Towel bunny (?)
(Found it here)
Very regal looking
"Blue Ridge" bunny
Planter bunny
Peter Rabbit mugs
Bunny postcard,
received from my niece
who is blogging her way across the USA

Part of stuffed bunny collection of CDCer
Bunny image on Vegas slot machiine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Rather than republish all the pictures from the
GHRS 2012 Silent Auction event for bunnies,
here're the links where you can look over all those items:
GHRS Silent Auction Evening - Our Bunny Hosts
GHRS Silent Auction Evening - Bunny "Nuts"
GHRS Silent Auction Evening - The Stuff to Bid On
GHRS Silent Auction Evening - The Stuff to Bid On: Part Deux
GHRS Silent Auction Evening - The Stuff to Bid On: Part C
GHRS Silent Auction Evening - The Wrap-up
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bunny statue
Bunny statue family
Ceramic bunny
Looks like a bunny.
Towel holder (from
a day spa)
Bunny statue
spotted on Sullivan's Island, SC
Well, pretty sure they are talking the sesame seed kind,
but, hey - made us think of bunnies!
For this and more bunny jewelry,
check out this post
British Bunny in a bag from Harrods, I think
Bunnies on Hotel Allegro (Chicago) wallpaper
Office bookshelf bunnies
(no - not my office!)
Bunny banner in math book
chapter on multiplication
Wabbit wine 
Bunny beer
Bunny art from the 2012 Decatur Arts Festival
(More pictures in the original post)
Karen Fincannon
Sharon Franco Rothschild
John Hung Ha
Yvonne Miller
Kathleen Taylor
Bunnies in bags
at London airport

Bunny pendants - Mother & daughter
(Item 21094 at www.uncommongoods.com,
must specify animal)

There can be none softer than this
Nouveau Lapin de Victoire
Claude Lalanne
Paul Kasmin Gallery NY
May 4 -June 16, 2012 show

Zen Buns, a book

Crystal carved bunny received as a gift
Bunny stamps
Bunny art in Austin airport 
Bunny art in Austin airport
... with, uh, horns?
Bunny in Austin antique store
... on skis?
Plastic packaging insert -
looks like a bunny head to me!
Bunnies at front desk of
Mom's apartment building
Bunny pepper mill
(with little bunny pepper poops)
Bunny pepper mill family

Bunny salt & pepper shakers
Bunny salt & pepper shakers
Bunnies everywhere -- in the kitchen
(friend found it on FB and sent to me)
Bunny-looking Chinese take-out
Bunnies on display
lots and lots of stuffed bunnies
Bunny musical mobile
Stuffed bunny
Commercial full of bunnies!
Japanese bunny pottery
(spotted in Atlanta's best sushi restaurant)
Tortoise & Hare T-shirt
you can buy from Funny Times
Bunny decorated pistol
Bunny bumper sticker
Bunny heart
(This predates the bunnies, a heart I got my wife ...
walked by & realized - looks like a bunny to me!)
Necklace that reminds me of a bunny
(Aw, c'mon, you have to see it)
Bunya bunny in a really nice frame
(picture & frame received as gift)
Bunny with a splitting headache?
Spotted in antique store, Charleston, SC.
Door stop? Book ends? Statue?
Anyway, it's bunny!
Bunny-ish logo
Dog - named "Bunny"!
Rose's origami bunny
Bunny slippers
Bunny bag (for wrapping gifts)
The Bun-Signal
(Holy Cottontails! Get the Commissioner!)
My new Disapproving Rabbits T-shirt

Bunny dishes, clothes and toys
(Go here and enter bunny in the site's search engine)

Bunnies for sale

Bunny beer coaster

Yard bunny statue
(Not ours ... my sister's neighbor)

Bunny mug #1
(Check out the handle)

Bunny mug #2
(No, we did not buy these ... they were gifts)

Rabbit granola bar

Matching bunny & cat cards
(You can buy them here)
Bunny bookends
"Gimme 10, up high!"
(found by "shopper sister")
Stuffed bunny birthday present
(Not to me, to my wife)
(Not from me, either)
Bunny bunper sticker (posted here)

Madison Avenue Bunny
("Mad Bun", a  cable TV reference)
Bunny hooks

Bunny zipper bags
Bunny in shop window
Rome, Italy
Bunny in shop window
Rome, Italy

These are some of the bunny things spotted at the 4th annual GHRS fundraiser,
a Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. You can read more about it
and see larger versions of most of these pictures HERE.
Flyer for Polly Borland
Smudge exhibit at NY gallery
(Looks bunny-ish to me)

Here's a "rabbit's rabbit",
like a "man's man" (whatever that is),
including a reflection of my daughter's fingers
Bunny cookie cutter (second row, left),
part of rolling pin set
Beanie Baby Bunnies
Art bunny used as
book display in DC store
(unfazed by earthquake)
Bunny cards
Shop for some at Two Bad Mice
Bunny mirror dangle
(In J's car parked outside MM,
so thanks again!)
Bunny (we think) art
(Do you find this kinda' scary?)
On the wall of local Mexican Restaurant
Bunny cereal -
from the bunny cracker company
(See 07-15-2011 post)
Bunny statue in Las Vegas airport
(See 07-14-2011 post)
Bunny toothbrush holder
(explained in 07-11-2011 post)

Bunny cookie jar?
(I find the lid design a little unsettling.)

Well, it has long ears
and is holding a carrot,
so I'll go with:
It's a bunny.
Noticed in the corner
of my in-laws home

Bunny money...The "Bunjamins"
(see Bunny Money post)

Bunny ceramic
Karen Fincannon

Aluminum can bunny
Can Do Planes (and bunnies)

Bunny painting
Bob Davis (Lost Dog Bob)

This is a picture of a picture. This artwork, a photograph, was of kitchen gloves.
This is a detail of the glove that looked like you-know-what.

Bunny cactus

Another bunny cactus (this & above raised by my sister)

This was on a tiny tarnished cup.
It is a hand making a "V" or peace symbol.
Naaaah - it's making a bunny shadow!

Bunny as egg, or
egg as bunny?
More here

"Oreilles de lapin"
if our campaign is successful
See Misnamed french pastry
and Rabbits Everywhere

Bunny Shop Window in Paris
For detailed pictures of the bunny items, see this post

Tower of bunnies at
Tower of London
More at Tower of London Buns
Bunny statue on floor
of kids' store in Paris
Bunny head,
or head bunny?

Bunny topiary?
Bunny puffs.  Yummmm...
Stuffed bunnies, new to a collector's collection
(not mine - but a friend's who has contributed a lot to this page)
Incredibly delicious cholocate topped
bunny krispie - Before
(gift from my daughter, sent from NC)

Incredibly delicious chocolate topped
bunny krispie - (Just) After
(Then it completely disappeared -
it was REALLY good)

Bunny napkins
It's "the" table accessory for any meal or party.

Fresh litter of bunnies hatching.
From ATL Dogwood Festival
Artist: http://www.snobhog.com/

Bunny hop game

Bunny salt & pepper shakers
Bunny plate
Stuffed bunny (part of a baby gift)

Bunny Bike Helmet
Bunnies Galore
(not a Goldfinger reference,
unless you want it to be)
> : )

Chocolate bunnies - yum
(Thanks for this - and many of these pictures - go to my daughter,
who is finding lots of bunny things in this season)

Cartoon bunny lunchbox - this was on screen so fast,
I couldn't believe my son spotted it.

Stuffed buns - NO! Not mine!

Crystal bunnies

Bunny refrigerator magnet
(My daughter snagged this one)

Bunny with Butterfly on Butt

Bunny Limoges
(with an angry look -
maybe should be sent to Disapproving Rabbits)

Bunny carving

Bunny bookmark,
from bunnywhipped.com

Bunny book: The Year of the Hare
See 03-15-2011 post.

Bunny art, on base

Year of the Rabbit
Look for at Sushi House Hayakawa

Bunny, Bugs
(from a friend's collection,
as are many of the bunnies on this page)

Bunny chocolate

Bunny hopping animation
Bunny hopping animation
It moves - see 02-19-2011 post for link to bunny animations

Bunny image in a bottle topper
(see more "Rabbits Everywhere" at

Bunny bag

Bunny Japanese liquor bottle
On the shelf at Sushi House Hayakawa

Bunny fetish
(Okay, yeah, you got me there)

Bunny pen holder
Bunny art

Bunny art

Bunny crackers
(Graham crackers - yum!)

Bunny crackers box
(for humans)

Bunny art - framed
Purchased from the HRS shop - can you see the computer logo?

More bunny art
(Another gift from my sister, the shopper)

Bunny birthday cards -
the theme my friends and family all search for now

Bunny art
(Love that expression)

Bunny luck charm???
(My wife found this on a business trip to Hong Kong.
I think it's scary but the buns don't seem to mind it.)

Bunny luggage tag
My daughter bought this for me.

Bunny slippers!
(They're twins)

Bunny statue
(Stone cold - a snow day)

Bunny fire hydrant

Bunny bowl
(No clue where this came from)
Stuffed bunnies

Bunny art - metal

Bunny tin
Originally filled with assorted treats purchased at HRS shop

Bunny scissors
Don't hop while holding

Bunny bank
The bunnies chin this all the time

Bunny soap dish

Bunny socks
(Where does my sister find this stuff?!?)
Bunny origami - From a dollar bill
My friend made for my BD; he sent a link to instructions if you want to try:

Bunny statue

Bunny Pez dispenser