Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best birthday present ever

My kids make fun of their bunny whipped Dad, but even so, one sent me this video that he made with his phone.
I love it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cute, Cute, Cute - Ethel on The Daily Bunny

As you know, I love the DB and their main page is listed in the Funny Bunnies list in the right-hand column.
They are so funny and just come up with the greatest captions that breathe so much personality into the pictures they select to post.
See Ethel on The Daily Bunny.
I hope my mother doesn't see that caption. She would think that they knew me as a child.
And I hope my wife doesn't see it. She would think they know me now.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bunny TV commercials - Part Deux

Thanks to thef1chick who sent this link in via comments. In case you missed it:

And there were a couple more. Here's another from Travelers:

The links:
Minute Maid bunnies
Travelers bunny

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bunny TV commercials

It's fast in this one - check out the guy about 17 seconds in...

Thanks to "shopper sister" with her bunny eye for the brother guy for the State Farm magic jingle commercial. But that got me thinking about some other bunny commercials, so to give equal time to Travelers, Skittles and Seven Up (my personal favorite - the bunnies look like Bunya and it's a belch joke)...

Here are the links in case the embedded videos above don't work for you:
State Farm bunny
Travelers bunnies
Skittles bunny
Seven Up bunnies

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Psychedelic bunnies in Hungary

My daughter-in-law is from Hungary, is visiting there now and gave my son a tour of her old middle school, where her young cousins currently attend. My son spotted some bunnies around the school and sent me pictures:
Not that optical an illusion - if you don't see the bunny, see your eye doctor.

These pretty girls are my daughter-in-law's cousins,
showing us their bunny art project.

Me at the computer trying to come up with more ideas to post on Rabbit Ramblings.
No - actually another bunny my son found at the school.
You can tell it's not me - he has more hare.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vanity license plate - DOREMI

Music teacher?
Music fan?
Favorite movie: The Sound of Music?

Bunya: So, do you sing?
Ethel: Only in the bathroom - great acoustics.
Lucy: Doe! A deer, a female deer...
Why couldn't they put a bunny in that song?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Reactions to the New Pen

As previously recapped, the bunnies' pen has been rearranged to try to re-bond Lucy and Ethel and avert family disaster. Reactions to the new environment have been mixed.
Bunya: If you expect me to go in there,
you could have at least asked me how I wanted it arranged!

Bunya: Well, I'm in, but just barely.
Lucy: I'm staying right here. The nerve of them!
Ethel: Huh? The cage was changed? Oh, cool, I didn't notice.
Show me! Show me!
Actually, they seem be adjusting well and we are hoping they are a cohesive trio once again. Thanks again HRS.
The bunnies love the fresh apple wood sticks from HRS and are sharing some here -
all inside their rearranged pen.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rabbits Everywhere - another one

Do you see the bunny in this everyday object?
Fire hydrant as bunny
Do you see "bunnies everywhere", too? We are not alone!
Check out BunSpace's Rabbits Everywhere to see this one and many others. Send your submissions to

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yet another bunny (thing) in our house...

I have to ask my wife where she found this.
Any why she bought it.

Never mind. I know why...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

BUNNY THINGS - Moved to new location

Just in case you didn't see the smaller notices, the "Bunny Things" pictures that used to be down the right-hand column were so numerous that they have been moved to their own page (Bunny Things page). There is a tab at the top of the this page, just below the Rabbit Ramblings banner. Be sure to check it out - new bunny things are added all the time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You can buy these bunnies for Easter

There are in the aisle next to the pimple cream.
Don't you just love combination products marketing?
(Don't recall where this came from - think maybe it went around in an email)
 No bunnies were harmed in the making of this post (not even chocolate ones).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bunny Book: The Year of the Hare

In The Year of the Hare by Arto Paasilinna, a car hits a wild hare. The passenger gets a wild hair and follows the wounded bunny into the woods. In a sort of Zen search to become at bun with the universe, he decides not to return to his former life and instead goes on a walk-about in his native Finland (don't worry - the book is translated into English; good thing because my Finnish is really, really rusty). The hare is his traveling companion and the book chronicles their bizarre adventures together.
I received this birthday book from a friend. He also sent me an article about it, which is what gave him the idea to get it as a gift: The Road Into the Open (WSJ 12-31-2010)

And. of course, I used my new bunny-whipped bookmark as I read it:
If your Finnish is not rusty, it was made into a movie; you can read about it here (in English on Jäniksen vuosi (1977)

Do you have any favorite bunny-themed books?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Parting gifts from Bunny-Whipped, the home game

Lucy thought it was an honor to win Cover-Bun for March, 2011, Year of the Rabbit. Little did we know that there were prizes, too!
Humongous throw pillow, now cushioning my tush on the recliner.
This is the side you are supposed to display.

This is the side I think I must display.
Truer words...
There were also bookmarks and postcards. One of each of these has already disappeared back to UNC with my daughter who was home all too briefly for Spring Break. My bookmark is at home in a really cool bunny book my friend sent me for my birthday, so you will have to wait to see this book and the B-W bookmark.

You can check out Lucy's win at Lucy's Bunny-Whipped Cover-Bun win, where there are links to her winning interview and other winners.'s link is under Funny Bunnies in the right-hand column and you can go there to buy stuff and prove you, too, are bunny whipped.

And enter your bun in the Cover-Bun contest! Who knows?!? The next cover bun could be pooping on your den floor right now!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sign this petition

A "big cat" rescue society in Tampa, FL is using domesticated rabbits to train the cats to hunt (see the story from Gainesville Rabbit Rescue). If you care to sign an online petition or get contact data for Big Cat Rescue or the local Humane Society, it is all here.

Bunny Care - Don't buy a bunny just because of Easter!

Saw this great poster being used by someone as their profile picture on Facebook - Excellent message!
Thanks J.A.!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today's question: Where do bunnies come from?

Bunny lane in England appears to connect the A26 with the A267

This Bunny Lane is near Papaya Place ...
turns out someone who names streets also loves bunnies

Bunny Street is in New Zealand

Another Bunny Street is in Australia

Bunny Hill? – Isn’t he a famous British comedian?
Even found Bunya – he’s on the map!
Whoa - seems Bunya is a major landowner in Australia

My conclusion, Virginia, is that bunnies come from all over.

Re-bonding update

Well, another night together. The first thing we look for is white tufts of hair and, happily, find none.
Hard to see here, but this is a conglomeration of 3 bunnies.
Bunya is behind them. Lucy gives Ethel some licks
and Ethel has been doing the same for Lucy.
Flopped together ... but then Bunya always makes love, not war.
Keep those positive thoughts flowing to the bunnies!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bunny care - Shake, Rattle and Roll ... or Family Therapy for Bunnies

Well, thebunnylady (aka TBL) came over to check out the friction between Lucy & Ethel. She got to see Ethel imitate a piece of high-flying popcorn while Lucy tried to remove her fur a bite at a time. The broom broke them up. When bunnies are like that, they are biting at anything in a random frenzy - they could get unintentionally get your hand, too. So the broom is like curling, but with bunnies. At first blush, it seemed possible that it was an irreparable feud, the bunny version of the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Fortunately, she (TBL) did not give up. We moved them into a hallway and they did a little better; it's a hallway they have access to, but in this case, they were restricted to it ... a neutral demilitarized zone They tolerated each other so, next, we brought in some of their stuff: boxes, litter pan, food and water dishes.

Thebunnylady left and I planted myself where I could watch. I caught a couple of hopeful pictures.

Bunya gives the girls a "talkin' to."

Kisses all around
They hung out in the hallway until bedtime. We had discussed what to do and the decision was to put Bunya and Ethel in the pen and let Lucy stay in the hall. While we wanted to put all three of them together, we both feared what would happen to Ethel if Lucy regressed.

The next morning, they were reunited in the hall. Ethel was skittish when Lucy came too close, especially from behind. They had a couple of friendly nose bumps here and there. While I didn't have to do any bunny curling, the broom was handy and I did pick it up a couple of times. That seemed to freeze them in place like a game of Red Light.

Part two of the Shake, Rattle and Roll game plan was a trip to HRS, where TBL could continue to monitor their interaction. Most bunnies are not too fond of car rides and ours are no exception. We piled them into their carrier and hit the road. My wife was doing sentry duty, armed with gloves in case a fracas broke out. The broom gets a little unwieldy in the back seat of a car.

The stress of a car ride can bring bunnies together
You can see them huddled together in their carrier. Their ears were vibrating like a field of tuning forks. They were happy when the ride was over ... until they found out where they were.

Our HRS was a busy place today. The trip served a number of purposes in addition to the ongoing monitoring by TBL and other experienced volunteers. We restocked a lot of supplies, like hay cubes, food and treats. Picked up a new chew mat. The shelter also has a lot of sounds and smells they have to deal with, the hope being that the strange surroundings will unite the three of them and rebuild their bond.

The bunnies were also due for a manicure and pedicure. If their nails get too long, they can get caught, like in carpet, and they can really hurt their toes. On balance, you do not want to cut them so short they bleed through the vein in the nail.
Ooo, ahhh, watch the quick! Watch the quick!
Hmmm, okay, dear, now you've got the hang of it. So, where did you get your training in reflexology?
So, the bunnies are spending the night at the HRS. One of the volunteers sent us a picture:
If we bribe a guard, I think we can make a break for it.
Unfortunately, I forgot my wallet and there is not a big demand for poop as currency.
Tomorrow, I will pick them up and bring them home. The next part of Shake, Rattle and Roll are ch-ch-changes to their home turf, including the turf. The hope here is to remove any territorial bickering that may be part of the dispute.
The bunnies new putting green
The old carpet under their pen is gone. No smells of anybunny in particular. Also, we rotated the pen 90 degrees so the door is in a different location.

While a few of the old boxes remain, the great majority of it has been trashed (it will be recycled). All litter pans have been cleaned with vinegar and prepared with fresh litter and hay. There are multiple food dishes, so they can dine together or not, as they choose. New toys.

We shall see if any of this works ... we sure hope so.
Pardon me if my blog therapy has run a little long tonight.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

No clue what happened - BunCam suspended

Don't know what happened, but Friday evening, Lucy and Ethel started fighting. Since the picture below, Lucy has grown to be the biggest of the 3 buns. Ethel doesn't have much of a chance. They were jumping in the air and twirling around - and Ethel's fur was flying. It brought back painful memories of when Alice returned from the vet after her illness (For some background, see Alice got adopted, Ethel is back from the vet, and Bunny reunion has gone well ... at least we thought).

Ethel has been back from the vet for over 3 weeks and the 3 of them seemed great together, so we are really perplexed. In addition, as far as we know, Lucy & Ethel have always been together (at least since abandoned at HRS, if not before). Best guess is that they are just about a year old.

An HRS volunteer, our local bunny whisperer, is going to come over tomorrow evening and observe to see if she can spot what might be the issue.
Better times
Keep hoppy, peaceful thoughts for them. Thanks.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit Stamp Revisited

Thank you thef1chik (Charla) for your "help" (love your e-name), which, if those of you out there in Rabbit Ramblings-land read comments as well, you may have noted she left as a comment on an earlier post:
Other countries honored the Year of the Rabbit with stamps.

Some even have RABBITS on them!
Here are some examples:

None of the other countries have KUMQUATS on them (see Year of the Rabbit Stamps). Okay, some of the rabbits on the other stamps look like they may have been designed by someone on a bad acid trip, or having tea with Peter Max ... maybe with Pikachu -- but they are still RABBITS!

Searching through Google images for the above, I happened upon a site where a LOT of stamps have been gathered: HopperHome. Check it out (but remember to come back to RR). This site has a huge amount of bunny data, encourages rescue/adoption and much more (note the "Prevent Hare Loss" banner at the bottom of the page - would that I could. Hair, I mean). Such a wealth of knowledge that I have added it as a Rabbit Resource in the right hand column. It's like a bunny encyclopedia by someone who cares.

Vanity License Plate - ML8 ML8

No picture of this one. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend who is my source, so I do not doubt its veracity. He told me about a license plate he saw and challenged me to interpret it AND tell him on what car he saw it.
... for a very important date!
The plate: I'm late, I'm late
How about the car?

A white Rabbit.
> : )

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lucy -- The March 2011 Cover-Bun at!!!

Cover-Bun, March 2011
Lucy was unavailable for comment but, through her representative, issued a statement that she is unbelievably excited and flattered. She would like to thank the judges of, the Academy, Bunya & Ethel and, of course, the House Rabbit Society of North Georgia for making all this possible. Details of her world tour of personal appearances with be forthcoming.

See her Cover-Bun interview and pictures at March Cover Bun.
See prior winners, their interviews and family photos at Top Bunny Models (look for Bunya and Ethel).