Sunday, September 29, 2013

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - The Cake

So much fun, so many bunny pictures. Too many for a single post, so they'll be over the next few posts.

The RR Facebook page teaser was with the cake for the evening; that got such a great response, that's up first. Below the pictures of the cake are, in The Cake Hag's own words, the secrets of the cake such as the theme, the characters playing poker - representing her own bunnies, and the flavors.

The big picture - the 3D, edible, bunny version of
dogs playing poker.
Notice the "pot" of vegetables in the middle of the table.

Hanging off the front: Miss Waffles, the GHRS advice bunny
and housemate Clemmy.
Not sure, but with the bow-tie, I'm thinking:
Bun, James Bun

(Actually, this is "The Jimmy" ...
Jimmy Bun. Close enough.)

Fiona, their one-eyed bunny.

Lil' Lucas,
the hip hop bun
The winner - with 4 aces - Gypsy,
their pink-eyed white.

Love the details -
mugs of carrot juice & carrot poker chips

More detail -
cigar-substitute celery snack.

This is "Buppy" -
the bunny who thinks he's a puppy.

From the bunny-loving Cake Hag herself:
P.E.W.s (Pink Eyed Whites) WIN!
We chose this as the theme for our Wine and Dine Bunny Art Cake this year because it was this year that our P.E.W.s (pink-eyed white bunnies) joined our family. And it was this year that we learned about the raw deal these wonderful creatures are handed in life. Chosen first for medical and cosmetic testing because of their coloring, chosen last as companion animals because of that same coloring.
We’re smitten with our Princess Gypsy (depicted as the game winner), Lil Lucas (our Hip Hop bunny) and our Jimmy – or as we are certain he refers to himself in the third person – ‘The Jimmy’. We've discovered our PEW companions are brimming with hilarious personality and a real joy of life.
Right now the GHRS Bunny House Shelter and Foster Homes have several awesome P.E.W.’s – many that have been waiting for a home for a very long time. Please consider making room in your house and heart for one of these wonderful bunnies!
We chose our cake theme based on all of the black-velvetesque prints and hangings available that depict dogs playing poker. How much more fun were it bunnies? And even better, if we could use it to emphasize the plight of our favorite Pink-Eyed Whites. We hope you enjoy it.
Top cake – White Chocolate Cake w Fresh Raspberry Curd
Bottom cake – Marble Cake filled w Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Thanks for Reading this!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

International Rabbit Day - and Humane Society's Cruelty-Free Campaign

What a wonderful way to celebrate International Rabbit Day!

Owain Yeoman from CBS's The Mentalist and rescue bunny Nibbles are celebrating International Rabbit Day on Saturday by signing the#BeCrueltyFree pledge!
Join them and support an end to cosmetics testing on rabbits and other animals!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bunny Fun Reminder AND Billy Bunny video

REMINDER: GHRS Wine & Dine & Silent Auction for the bunnies
is TOMORROW, on International Rabbit Day, 09-28-2013.
Tickets still available online or at the door. 


And now, for your bunny entertainment, a Billy Bunny video:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cool "bunny thing" - Leap

No, not "Night of the Lepus" (or Leap-us).

Lawrence Argent's 56' x 19' aluminum red bunny is in the Sacramento airport. On his site, you can see several different views of it.

If it's anything bunny, it's potentially RR material. And this is really great.
It will, of course, be added to the "Bunny Things" page.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bunny Sightings at the Sandy Springs Arts Festival

The first day was pouring rain, but ...
Day 2 was a beautiful day - the first day of fall.
Bunnies were spotted. Limited to a couple of artists, but many pieces.

Again, these artists have work that is other than bunnies, but in case you were not aware, this is a bunny blog. Thank you to these artists who allowed me to take pictures of their work. Their business cards are included below so if you like what you see, you can contact them and buy some bunnies! (Or check out their websites for other artworks).

 We first met this artists at the 2012 Decatur Arts Festival (posted here).

We loved this one.
And, um, it may be hanging
in the bunny art room soon.

Special shout out to this artist who was kind and generous enough to donate this wonderful piece to the GHRS Silent Auction this coming September 28, 2013.

Very, very cool.
Come bid on this and lots of other wonderful bunny and non-bunny art.

(Pardon the glare on some of the pieces but is was a SUNNY day.)

(Two different pieces, side by side)


Finally, a yard art artist with bunnies!!!

Biker Bunny on left.
Bunny on right will have
eye replacement surgery
after on-site accident.
Bunny butt
(really, tail)
is a doorknob!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bunny Butts - a new RR page

Not sure how much explanation this needs.
The Rabbit Ramblings Bunny Butt page is here.
All Rabbit Ramblings blog pages are listed at the top of the right hand column.

A sampling:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bunny ballet: Peter Rabbit & Friends

A RR reader posted this link on the RR Facebook page.

As if ballet isn't hard enough, try doing it in a bunny costume!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Good Ship Bunny

The Good Ship Bunny is ready to set sail into your bunny's dock, if The Price Is Right (hey, that would be a good name for a game show). It is one of the many bunny and non-bunny items up for auction at the September 28, 2013 GHRS Wine and Dine Silent Auction.

We think the little sailor cap is adorable, but Gracie is rumored to disapprove.

What bunny wouldn't love this wonderful playground?
Constructed and donated by
The Blissful Bunny.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ethel and Bunya munching their basket thingy

The bunnies still love the toy they got as a gift from a friend. That it lost its little "tether ball" does not seem to bother them at all. Apparently, neither does the fact that it is upside down ... as far as they are concerned, it is 360 degrees of chewable.

Bunya works it over from the inside while
Ethel chews in from the outside.
Lucy's giving them the butt; don't know what they did wrong
(and Bunya and Ethel don't seem to care).

Previously mentioned in this blog is that sometimes when you go to take a picture of some bunny activity, you don't get it but you might get something else fun.

In this short video, Bunya and Ethel have a brief ring around the rosie after which Bunya seems to be interested in starting a little k-i-s-s-i-n-g. However, Miss Ethel seems more intent on now working the basket from the inside.
Sorry, Bunya.

Make no mistake - Lucy likes it, too and gets her turn.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bunny Monday Meme*day (tough buns)

Given some of the survival stories of rescued shelter buns ... yeah, there's no doubt they're tough.
'Nuff said.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bunny sightings at the Atlanta Arts Festival

Beautiful day, plenty of wonderful artists, lots of laid-back patrons and -- bunnies!

These artists have work that is other than bunnies, but in case you were not aware, this is a bunny blog. Thank you to the artists who allowed me to take pictures of their work. Their business cards are included below so if you like what you see, you can contact them and buy some bunnies! (Or check out their websites for other artworks).

This artist gets a special mention because she donated one of her works for the GHRS Silent Auction (see it below). She should probably get another special mention because she listened to us ramble on about bunnies.
Ummm, this bunny may be finding its way
to a wall near our bunnies soon... 
This generous artist donated this picture on the spot to
the GHRS Silent Auction 09-28-2013.
Come see it and bid on it for the bunnies!


Amazing woodwork - calls them "toys".
It's art!

Do you see the bunny?

In the center of the picture of the ark, next to Noah.

I think it's a Dutch.
In the "full frog" position.
The artist said a bunny lived in his shop for 9 years.


We were flipping through this artist's work and laughing.
So were the other patrons. Funny guy!

So many bunnies!!!