Friday, August 29, 2014

Asheville bun

So we went for dinner our first night in Asheville to The Corner Kitchen. I get a look on my face such that Dr. Mrs. Bunnymom wonders with what I have been stricken - nothing bad - I was just just looking at a bunny painting!
I see bunnies everywhere!

"Run for the Hills"

Glad I got this close-up shot for the artist's signature -
now you can see the detail here that you can't in the big picture.

It's for sale!

Mr. B takes his meds - a good boy!

Yes, there are other videos of Bunya taking his medicine but it still amuses me. The longer he is home from the vet, where they have to "bunny burrito" him, the better he gets about it. First, we have to burrito him, too. Then we just put him up on the counter so he can't go away. Now he's a the stage where we can call him and he'll come take his medicine. Of course, he gets a papaya treat after each dose, so he has some incentive.

In the beginning, you will see all 3 bunnies very briefly. Lucy comes over to scope it out in case there's a treat in it for her (and they all get a treat when he gets his med treat). Bunya is able to suck back about 2/3rds of the syringe before he has to stop and take a breath. He gets it down and licks his lips (that cute action was captured on the last video), and then he comes back to finish it off. Lucy & Ethel look on from the carpet, where they have better traction in case they have to run away.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New bunny-human look-a-like

Suggested by a Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page reader. The bunny's got the attitude, the angle of the head, the nose, the set of the mouth...  It was put to a vote and was a clear "add" to the bunny-human look-a-like page. So it is done.

      Buninem ........................ Eminem

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Animal House is coming to GHRS!

GHRS is very fortunate, through the hard work of its volunteers, to have been selected for a future episode of Animal House. The show is to be like extreme home makeover except for animal shelters. The major thrust of the preliminary plan for GHRS is to significantly expand the shelter building.

The principals' passionate presentation inspired the crowd and included helpful hints, like for single guys - if you want to meet girls, join an animal rescue effort. Although it was acknowledged they may be a little quirky, have several animals and be covered in loose fur. And you have to be careful where you walk so you don't step in anything.

If everything lines up, maybe the GHRS bunny show will be available before next Easter and help to educate people about rabbits as pets and what's really involved in properly caring for them.

You can "Like" the Animal House Facebook page here.
You can donate to GHRS here.

Rebecca and Alycia of Animal House -
Two women who have and will continue
to change the world for the better.
It was a privilege to meet them.

Animal House motto:
Helping people help animals

(Another wonderful cake from The Cake Hag)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

(No cost to you) Bunny Rescue Fundraising Challenge

Rabbit Ramblings will donate funds to the The House Rabbit Society and the Georgia House Rabbit Society based on the net increase in RR page "Likes" on its Facebook page by September 30, 2014. [Starting Likes count is 6,060.]

This donation will be for much needed emergency rescue medical care and vet expenses. An influx of mistreated bunnies recently has depleted medical funds.

If you have already "Liked" RR (thank you from RR & G/HRS), then tell your bunny friends to "Like" RR on Facebook, re-post the challenge or "share" it from the RR Facebook page. (Non-bunny people will “un-like” it and that gets us nowhere.)

P.S. On this page, there's a "Like Us on Facebook" button near the top of the right hand column, under the Pages list. The donation is for increased "page likes" (versus individual posts on the Facebook page - but you can "Like" those, too. Comments welcome).

If you would like to make a donation yourself:
And Thank You!

So many bunnies need help...

[08-19-2014] Bubba and Willa were dumped on a loading dock. GHRS took them in and gave them the best medical attention and care. They were doing great and almost ready for adoption. Then they started rapidly losing weight. After several trips to the vet, x-rays, lab tests and blood work, it appears that they have some form of poisoning or an extremely rare genetic disorder. GHRS has been giving them injections, sub q fluids and a mixture of oral medications twice a day. Recently started weaning them off of some of the meds and reducing the dosage on others. They were holding steady but the next several days will be a deciding factor. Please keep these babies (7 months old) in your thoughts. Believed to be a Lionhead-Flemish mix, they are going to be gentle giants if GHRS can get them through this. They will be going back to the vet this week for a repeat of x-rays, blood work and other labs.

[08-10-2014] Rio was very underweight on arrival, but is slowly gaining back some of that weight now that he is at the center. He seems like a very sweet bunny, and will hopefully continue to improve as time goes by. The hardest part of his rehab is not giving him all of the food that he can eat. We have to be very careful not to feed him too much too fast; he is on medications to help his body get used to absorbing nutrients. He is steadily gaining weight and beginning to trust humans.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bunnies are the new Cat (?)

There's a movement going on RR must report to you. There's a feeling that the cats have ruled the internet long enough and there's a new player in town... the bunnies. The bunnies are organizing their PR machine and here is one of their videos.

It's Hoppy Hour from Lucky Branded Entertainment on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out:
2m10s - Agility course buns
2m50s - Binkypalooza

Go HERE to vote for your favorite Rabbit Representative. Voting is through August 29th.

Bunny Monday Meme*day

Bunnies need exercise - hours every day, morning and late afternoon, to run around. Bunnies are crepuscular, active at dawn and dusk.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

When Bunya first returned from the vet...

When Bunya first got home from the vet, he might have been still feeling a little surly from his special treatment. The girls watched him from a distance...

As Bunya checks out the toys (chinning),
Lucy watches from atop the funhouse
and if you look hard, you can see
Ethel hiding behind it, to the right.

Here's a better "aerial" shot of Ethel
behind the funhouse,
sitting on the cinder block.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whole Foods protest against selling rabbit meat is this coming Sunday, 08-17-2014

Just a reminder that peaceful, lawful objections to Whole Foods' decision to sell rabbit meat is scheduled for this Sunday, August 17, 2014. Follow this link for locations, contact data, petitions, handouts and more.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

So many bunny things!!!

Sent in by a RRRR (Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader)... while shopping in DC, came across a store ( with lotsa' bunny things...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Bunny Meme

Through a series of posts and comments on the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page, a reader developed a meme from a picture of his bunny and it is posted here and will be added to the RR Funny Bunny Memes page.

If you haven't checked out our Facebook page, please "Like" it and stay tuned in for more bunny. You do not have to be a member of Facebook to just view the page (but you do to post on it). Thanks!

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Bunnies of Biltmore

After a tour of Biltmore House, we (naturally) hit the gift shops. After some food. And ice cream. But before the wine tastings. Yes, that was shopS, plural; there are about a half dozen different themes (located in the "stables") and you could find bunny somethings in most of them. (P.S. If you take the house tour, spend the extra $s on the recorded tour narrative - totally worth it to better understand what you are viewing.)

Okay, loose bunny connection but spotted in the eatery.
"Silly Rabbit, Trix are for..."

Bunny version of Hear no evil, See no evil, Say no evil.

Tiny little bunny figures

This little bunny figurine opened up
(like a Limoges box).

Thought this big bun hugging
small bun was really cute.