Friday, October 31, 2014

Lucy & Ethel - Loving & Lifting

This clip is a couple of minutes but I could not cut it down any more. When I grabbed the camera, I was trying to get Lucy grooming herself and talking on her "ear phone". By the time I got focused, the video turned into something completely different.
Here are some highlights:

0s: Lucy is loving on Ethel. While Lucy was grooming herself, Ethel came over to get some loving, even if only pretending Lucy was loving on her by Ethel inserting herself under Lucy.
Lucy scratches and then grooms Ethel. Ethel is just happy to soak up the love.

12s: Lucy decides she wants to snack on their new cardboard tube (discussed in a recent post).

18s: Ethel wants more loving and tries to remind Lucy of that fact by sliding her head under Lucy as Lucy is chewing. So even if Lucy doesn't groom Ethel directly, Ethel can pretend. All three of them do this behavior a lot. Lucy continues to chew and Ethel gives up.

30s: Lucy takes another tug on the tube and lifts it up - and Bam! - right into Ethel. Ethel acts like she's going to chew on the tube, too, but then decides to give the loving another try; she gets tube-smacked again for her efforts. Ethel addresses an itch. Lucy's lifting like she's showing off at the gym. This is where it really reminded me of the coordinated physical slapstick comedy of the Lucy and Ethel from "I Love Lucy".

1m: Ethel's thinking about just playing with the tube, too. No - not really! She decides she'd rather be receiving some lovin'. And gets repeatedly smacked in the face for her romantic overture.

1m39s: Ethel senses an opening when Lucy decides to clean her paw... to no avail; Lucy goes back to the tube.

1m55s: Ethel finally gives up and under the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" theory, begins to chomp on the tube with Lucy.

This video has been added to the Rabbit Ramblings YouTube channel.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do you even lift?

Ethel does.

If you have bunnies, you are always on the lookout to score some good cardboard. It has totally changed the way I select boxes at Costco.

When we got a new rug for the bunnies' pen, there was a cardboard tube in the center - bonus! We would have paid extra for it. It's basically a 7 foot heavy-duty paper towel tube. The bunnies love it. Here, Ethel demonstrates...

Also added to the Rabbit Ramblings YouTube channel.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ethel racing around

Ethel was just in a happy race around mood. Caught the tail end on this video.

We call them the NASbunnies or the Buntona 500. Probably it's part fun and part instinct that as prey, they have to know their turf and multiple exit routes quickly if a predator appears... like a human to pick them up to brush them or, worse, take them to the vet.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Funny Bunny Monday Meme*day

There are so few good bunny cards (that are not for Easter). Wow - found an anniversary card! Got for Dr. Mrs. Bunnymom.

She gave it to me before I could give it to her. Yes, we both found the same card for each other.

Don't recall this happening since we bought the exact same watch as a wedding gift for each other (except I got her the lady's version and she got me the man's version).

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bun o' lanterns -- Bunny pumpkins for Halloween

Carving a "bunkin" (bunny pumpkin) for Halloween?
Here are a few "Boo! Bunnies" to inspire your creative carving...

A classic lop image
Another approach to bunny pumpkin carving
Was this bunny in "Lord of the Rings" or something?

Don't forget "EB" - the Energizer Bunny

Bunny from Prickly City?
Bonded duo

                                                         Models for bonded duo pumpkin
Bunny Butt!
Talk to the butt, 'cause the ears ain't listening!

(Bernie Bunny from Annie's)

Recent additions (submitted through the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page)

Bunny model: Pinki Larue
Model for pumpkin above

In protest against Whole Foods sale of rabbit meat.
(To read about this issue, go to and
enter "Whole Foods" in the search block,

at the top of the right-hand column.)

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bunnies home from their staycation

Took a long weekend away so the bunnies had a staycation at GHRS. They are not fans of car rides and Ethel seems the most traumatized by them.

When I picked them up, they all turned their backs and flipped me off (if you have bunnies, you know what this looks like... it's the bunny way of shooting you the "bird"). Talk to the butt because the bunny's pissed at you.

Huddled together in the carrier on the ride home.
Ears were shaking like leaves in a hurricane.
With their new rug came a new long tube
(in the center of the rolled up carpet).
Happy to see they didn't just hide at home,
but explored and played.
AFTER flipping me off as they exited the carrier. AGAIN.

You can see the prior rug tube
(bigger diameter) at the top of this picture.
They've chewed through parts and still love it.
When I went to let them out and feed them breakfast,
they seemed to have no problem remembering that
they get a morning papaya treat.
It looks like Lucy and Ethel are head-to-head
to see who will get groomed -
they are actually trying to snatch each other's papaya.

After the morning rituals,
Ethel, as usual, seeks the high ground.
This is the highest perch they can reach.

And there Ethel settled.

And home is home again.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ethel, she sleeps with the toys

Literally. We had just finished cleaning their pen and dumped out the little chew toys and cardboard tubes in a pile. Ethel made a little space for herself and flopped in the middle of them, laying against the tube.