Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Funnies' Bunny

Do you read the funnies?
I do. I think everyone should.

One day, I wondered out loud to my sister, why the first section of the Sunday paper I dig for is the funnies. She reminded me: Because that was the prized section that our father would go for as soon as he brought in the paper. So, it's in my genes and Pavlovian conditioning.

If you are a regular Sunday Funnies reader and lucky enough to have this wonderful comic strip syndicated in your paper, then you were rewarded with a little Halloween bunny!
For more on this little bunny guy and his family,
you can check them out here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guard duty is assigned in pairs

Lucy and Bunya guard their gate
Lucy is the most alert bunny. Bunya tends to nap while she's on guard. Unless there is treat potential.
Then it's every bunny for him/herself.

If Lucy could draw a little cartoon "thought bubble" for herself above her head, she is thinking ...

The "I'll watch your back - you watch mine" on-guard position
Hmmm, maybe Bunya sleeps no matter who else is on guard duty.
Great ... we've got the Beetle Bailey of bunnies.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bunny bookends

Okay, which bunny bookends do you like most?

"Gimme 10, up high!"
The Lucy & Ethel Bookends Set
Well, we already have our set (the bottom ones).
Check out your local HRS chapter and collect your set today!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do you want More Bunnies?

Excuse me, I meant Moe Bunny.
Well, maybe not this Moe Bunny...
Consider this a Halloween cautionary advisory

Catching up on some old episodes of The Simpsons, I caught this bunny sighting on the weekly changing billboard that is part of the opening sequence.

My son spotted this in another episode. I couldn't believe him - it went by in a flash. Check out the lunchbox:

I think someone at The Simpsons likes bunnies!

[Inside joke - this is for you, Chuck]
Of course, Chuck must be a bunny fan, too:
Chuck admires the bunny statues in this spy's home.
Maybe TV people like bunnies. What's not to like?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Disapproving Lucy

With laser death ray eyes!!!
Don't make me open a can of disapproval on your butt!

Yes, she is definitely ratcheting up her level of disapproval.

Lucy's Lists of Disapproval recapped here and here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winner and still champion snuggle-bunny ... Ethel!

Ethel bunny is copacetic to rest on your lap while you surf the internet, as long as your hand occasionally surfs her ears (on the left, ears sprung back up;
and on right, ears just pet flat).
This time, she was in the "heads-up" position, as opposed to when she buries her face under the elbow. She  rests her petite paw on the arm, as is appropriate for a self-respecting polite Southern bunny.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Alice's remote control

This remote control has been referenced in a couple of posts, most recently here, but this is the original. To back up the legend, Alice, here is a picture of said remote.

Missing, that is, chewed off, buttons include:
AT&T (these first 5 are the across the top control buttons)
Fast Forward
Video on demand
Recorded TV
Go interactive
Pointer buttons (3 of 4: left, up, right. Guess she was saving "down" for a later snack)
Exit to TV

And this is just the top of the remote.
To identify these buttons, I had to search the internet for a picture of an intact controller.

Alice, we miss you and wish you well.
And I hope the buttons were delicious.

Bunny manna from heaven ...

... or: Where are those treats coming from???

If you are a Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader, you know that even when the gate is open, the bunnies spend most of their time lounging about the pen. Guess they're homebodies.

Well, to get them to move around some and, I must admit, to provide general amusement, I will sometimes toss treats into their pen. They know what is happening ... you hear a plinking sound when the treat hits the fence or some cardboard -- they immediately start looking around, trying to zero in on the last landing.

I had been doing this a little while and then decided to video it. So the girls had already located and scarfed down a few of the tiny treats. What I found most amusing was the difference in behavior between Bunya and the girls, Lucy & Ethel.

This clip is a little jerky ... I mean, it is Cinéma Vérité. While digging in the bag for treats and tossing them with one hand, I was holding the camera with the other.

Bunya wasn't going to burn any extra calories working for it. He employs his brain power.
He just stares at you until his Mr. Spock "mind meld" gets into your brain and he gets his treats.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bunny watching

Well, bunnies watching TV.
Here again, the bunnies flopped altogether to watch their shows. Now they are into "Mad Men".

Bunya found it necessary to move (his shaggy, shedding butt)
under the coffee table for a better view of the TV,
unimpeded by the chain link of their pen.

It is very fortunate that we like the same shows, so we can all stay together and do not have to buy another TV set.

And since Alice left, there's no more fighting over the remote control.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And bunny jewelry

You can wear your bunny love jewelry to the art gallery (see prior post).

Did they have to call these "Bunny Love Studs"?
(That's all I can say ... this is a family blog)
Shop for bunny love jewelry here.
(Better have a big credit line.)

P.S. (10-21-2011) Can't believe no one has asked how many "carrots" the diamonds are.
A bunch.

Bunny art

Really, this is real (bunny) art. The artist's name is Hunt Slonem.

He paints a lot of nature (e.g., birds, flowers, bunnies). I think this is "his" website. Here's a site for him that also shows some of his works: Hunt Slonem; click on "View all" under "Artworks for sale" and there will be a couple of pages of his work.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adoptables at GHRS

Ran into GHRS for supplies and there were so many cute bunnies, I decided to take some pictures and share. (Only had my cell phone though.)

Could not get a picture to do this
cute bunny justice.
Looks like he's wearing his camo.
Cute couple!


Right hand bunny, without the screen

And of course, the incredibly rare
desk-dwelling bunny, Miss Waffles!!!
Write her at
for funny and helpful bunny advice.

Unfortunately, there are lots more bunnies there than these pictured here, and lots more are waiting for a space.
So if you are thinking about getting a wonderful pet, get educated and then go rescue a couple of bunnies.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bunny architect: Ethel Lloyd Wrong

One afternoon, this is what we found when we got home...

Hopper Hideaway - some RE-assembly required.
So we put it back together and came home the next day to this arrangement...

This went on for a while and we found out who the culprit was ...
Ethel Lloyd Wrong.

For Ethel, their pen is a "work in progress",
open to constant re-interpretation.
She has finally engaged the other bunnies in her efforts. We put it straight in the morning and they will do as they please for the next 24 hours.

Ethel seems to be the Mistress of Destruction, but she has got her hench-buns involved now, as illustrated in this clip:

Yes, I cut it down.
Yes, it is still too long (about 2 minutes).
I was just intrigued by how they kept coming back and running around and through the contraption, inspecting their work. Quality control is an important factor in all their endeavors.
About a minute in, Ethel will start rocking the left section upon which she seems so intent.
Near the end, at about 2 minutes, Ethel will assume the supervisory position to survey her domain.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Miscellaneous rabbit ramblings

This morning was "clean the bunnies' pen and groom them" morning. In a prior post about grooming, I noted Lucy did not seem to be trying as hard to get away from us when we tried to pick her up.
Forget that.

This morning it was like one of those videos where the people are trying to chase the slippery pig through mud and grab hold. Not a happening thing. Eventually, the two of us trapped her and she got schooled. I mean groomed.

There was a post of some of the bunny things seen at the annual GHRS fundraiser. You can read more about the event at the GHRS website here. While you are there, you can, for example:
1. see great (and funny) bunny advice given by the Dear Abby of the bunny world, Miss Waffles;
2. donate to help save bunnies; and
3. explore the wonderful "library" of bunny care articles.

Speaking of Miss Waffles, she is one of the sweetest buns you will ever meet. When I was picking up supplies yesterday at the GHRS store, she was on duty at the desk. She let me pet her and laid right down to settle in for a long session.

If you go to GHRS, look for her. She is the desk bunny. That's where she lives, just to left of the computer and pencil cup. Write her at if you need bunny advice.

While at GHRS, I peeked in on the adorable bunnies up for adoption. Took a few pictures.

Coming attractions (that's so I can work in a movie reference):
Pictures of the current GHRS adoptables
Ethel Lloyd Wrong

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bunny breakfast on the patio

The bunnies were getting a special breakfast that included carrot tops, another favorite. To make it even more special, they had it on their "patio".

Here's how you can tell everything is pretty much normal in this bunny household:
+ Bunya rushes out to the dish with the most greens and is scarfing it down so fast a high speed camera could not focus on the food under his nose as it waved around his face and disappeared into his mouth.
+ Ethel is nowhere to be seen, happy to explore the room and get around to the food when she gets around to the food (think of the circuituitous routes of Jeffy in Family Circus).
+ Lucy hovers back, close to the pen gate, poised to bolt inside, giving you "the eye" ... just in case you should want to attempt to pick her up.

Yep, it's all good today here at Bunya Estates.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disapproving Lucy

Of course, I disapprove! I ooze disapproval!
And crazy ... I might ooze a little crazy.

I disapprove that you want to pick me up and snuggle.
I disapprove when Bunya tries to snatch treats out of my mouth if he finishes his first.
I disapprove of your minimalist treat schedule.

Most of all, I disapprove of the fact that I did not notice the papaya right next to me on the other side of the bar.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to make a loaf of bunny

Ingredients: One bunny
Add: Nap time

Bunya loves to settle into the rounded corner at the gate to their pen.

Here, after noshing on a few treat crumbs in front of him, he first settles into the classic "bunny loaf" position. If he had been on the fireplace, he might have stayed in that position until ... well, someone waves a treat at him (or he hears a snack bag of any type crumpling anywhere, even if it's for the humans).

But in this case, he had to conform to his "corner" and so shortly after he assumes the loaf position, he flops his butt over like he has independent rear suspension.
Which I guess he does.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bunny bumper sticker

Or should it be a "bunper sticker"???

(Spotted by my daughter in NC)

Well, I would say: My bunny is cuter than your honor student.
Especially for Ethel.

Bunny brunch

Nothing gets everyone up and out of bed like going for a special brunch with fresh food!

I believe the correct phrase is: Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom...

Happy Bunday!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Vanity license plates - trouble brewing?

I sure hope this car

doesn't get into a fender bender with these cars

College rivalries can be fierce, especially when they are both home teams, as in Yellow Jackets (Georgia Tech/GT) and Bulldogs (University of Georgia/UGA).

And this car would pull over and just laugh at all of those...
(Guess Clemson was taken)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pop goes the bunny!

Lucy was playing in this box she loves, that our daughter made. It has different levels and a few ways in and out. In the video that was cut (yes, I actually do edit these into smaller clips), you can hear her scratching and tearing the cardboard (in this clip, you can see her chewing it when she surfaces).

We think the bunnies know their names. They definitely know when they are getting a treat.

When you call Lucy, she first has to scope you out to make sure you do not look like you have "intent to pick up bunny".

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bunya - a bunny's birthday

Well, Rabbits' Guy, if you like indoor chain link fence, then this is your internet stop. As RG kids but knows, many clips and pictures are shot through the fence because if I try to get closer, the bunnies stop what they are doing and move.

Yesterday was Bunya's birthday, or as close as we can guess it with what little we know. It is based on an estimate of how old he was when my daughter got him from the pet store. It was close to my wife's birthday, so we made hers his, too, and celebrated both.

So, did he get carrot cake and candles and presents?
No. I am not that crazy.

He did get some of his favorite foods and some extra treats, though. He watched me prepare breakfast. When I started walking to their pen with the plates, he gave a straight up in the air binky and ran to dig into his carrot tops and frisée.

Maybe Lucy & Ethel knew it was his special day too, because better than anything, he got extra special loving. Here B&E are getting lovin' from Lucy; Ethel waits patiently for her turn as the birthday boy goes first. At one point, L&E double-team loved on Bunya and he was in birthday bunny heaven.

And thank you for all the shout-outs and presents from Bunya's Bunspace Buddies!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ethel does NASbunny

Or the Buntona 500...
(Pardon the shaky camera work. Consider it Cinéma Vérité ... I am lucky to have captured any part of this demo on video)

Ethel feels the need, the need for speed!*
(* Movie reference! Top Bun)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick, let's catch the "tube"

No TV.
No - no London subway here.

In thinking of ways to entertain bunnies, this gizmo seems to hold its entertainment value a little longer than a plain cardboard paper towel tube. It's just two tubes stuck inside one another and in a larger plastic tube (a scrap from a local hardware store, after washing).

Sometime, they attack and chew the cardboard tube. And sometimes, they go at it from the bigger tube.

The bigger tube seems to make it more mobile.

And of course, when Lucy sees the camera, off she goes...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vanity license plate - HRU2DU

Can't believe there's another such plate, and right here in GA. This must be a bunny slave.
Been paying attention? It's a word in "bunnyspeak" that an author created - for a motor vehicle, and it's on a car ... a mobile pun.
See the FL version of the plate here.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bunya takes his medicine

It's bad enough when your pets get sick. It becomes a pain when they hate their medicine.

When we first got Bunya, he had to take some oral medication. As he figured out each way we tried to give it to him, he would give us a "Yuck!" reaction and we would have to think of something else. Our imaginations ran out about the same time as that medicine, so we were lucky. I think our last effort involved disguising the dosing syringe inside a rolled up piece of lettuce, like a burrito; when he'd go to take the first bite off of the end, we'd squirt the medicine in his mouth.

So while we weren't happy he was under the weather recently, we were very happy that he liked his medicine. It made life a lot easier on everybody.

He liked it so much, that he would come to get it. Even though the gate was open, the shortest distance between a bunny and his "treat" is a straight line, so here he tried to squish his face through to get it - and he did.

I think it appealed to his inner Alpha bunny - he thought he was getting a treat no one else did.