Monday, June 29, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day bunny card

My son sent me this thoughtful and gorgeous Father's Day card (posted as soon as I got it... the mail was a little slow getting it to me). I've never seen a card like this. Open it so the back shows, too, and it forms a complete landscape. Really beautiful (picture doesn't do it justice).

Added to the Bunny Things page

(Thank you, M!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Bunya, Lucy & Ethel enjoying the dried willow leaves treat purchased at GHRS's annual Bunnyfest. (~1m28s)

P.S. Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Funny Bunny Monday Meme*day

...and your charger cords, and lamp cords, and carpet, and books... (which is why you bunny-proof your bunny's area, for the safety of the bunny -- and your stuff).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bunnyfest 2015 with Hoppy Hour & Agility Course

A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who make this event possible and wonderful -- and that rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for abandoned and abused rabbits. Oh, and educate the public about proper bunny care and what wonderful pets they can be.

Check them out to adopt a bunny, read great bunny care articles or donate:

Cute buns everywhere... at Hoppy Hour (next section, below), on the agility course (further below), held by their humans, and in guest enclosures (so they could relax and their humans could mingle, too).


(Bunny Hipster)

This little bunny was in constant motion so I have a dozen
or more blurry pictures of him. All of a sudden, he plopped
down (one leg out back) to survey his domain. Guess he'd
already passed his business cards around to everybunny else.

If Cousin It was a bunny.

A first for GHRS. Looked like a huge success.
If you would like to see the bunnies in action, check out the videos herehere and here.

Lots of humans, too.
Lots of toys, litter boxes, mazes, tubes...

Bunny networking

Bunny butt!
Somebody was comfortable enough to flop.

Several bunnies looked for humans to pet them.
They had no problem being immensely successful in such endeavors.
As I said...

Bountiful bunnies
Friends were made.

Crowded - there were plenty of restrooms.
Was wondering if this nuzzling couple
was already bonded or just met.

"Hop on in -- the hay is fine!"
"That's good,...a little more to the right."

Looking for pets in all the right places
"Where'd you go?"

Willow leaves - treats!
And the human bouncers,
just in case anyone got overly aggressive.
Or affectionate.

Another first for GHRS. It was not like some tournament contest obstacles. The bar was low but the couple of bunnies I observed weren't sure what to do. Consequently, the gentle volunteer showing it to the bunnies and putting the buns through their paces is the one who got the most exercise. I hope her back is okay. Maybe next year, they can give her a little rolling stool so she doesn't have to bend over so much. The course looked like you could set up a few home-made imitations; depending on your bunny's personality, it would be something fun to do to bond with your bun. And I'm sure they would not mind getting a few reward treats.

Coming to the fulcrum, about to...

"Whoa, whoa, whoa - was that an earthquake?"

Over you go

"I did it!"

"What's this?"
"Hey, lady. this thing is moving!"

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Bunmuda Triangle

A true Bunmuda Triangle from early Saturday evening. The bunnies all put their heads together awaiting affection.

Amazingly, Bunya broke first and doled out a few licks to get things started.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Bunmuda Triangle

Our little pile o' bunnies!
Bunya trying to make sure he's included in the snuggle with Lucy & Ethel.

This was soon after their pen had been cleaned (the gate was still open), so all the toys are in a pile that had been dumped when we put everything back. Soon after, somebunny will walk through the middle of the pile, life each toy up and toss it to the right or left (best odds are it will be Lucy; second place is Ethel).

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ethel & Bunya "necking"

Caught Bunya & Ethel "necking". With bonded bunnies, there are different ways of expressing affection and this is one of theirs. (Shot through the fence because if I moved, they would have stopped. BTW, the gate was open, as it is most of the time.)

They start off necking and then Bunya pauses to enjoy Ethel's loving. After grooming himself for a few seconds, Ethel bows her head under his, asking for some more. He obliges by cleaning her eyes.

Adopt - Don't shop.
Consider adopting an already bonded pair.
If you would like to consider bonding your bunny, one important thing to remember is that the bunny chooses its bond mate, not you. Here's some reading about the process from the resources at the House Rabbit Society:
Bonding Rabbits
The Most Important Work in Bonding: PATIENCE

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cute bunny alert -- Wally!

Many readers have sent me current articles about this Angora adora-bun, Wally. Wally has the "do" of the year (perhaps it's his summer cut). Just wanted to make sure you knew so you could appreciate the cute. Visit his instagram page here.