Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bunny staycation

We tried to get away for the weekend, which meant the bunnies went to Chez HRS, where they are well-cared for royalty (as are all the bunnies they rescue or board). Of course, the buns hate the necessary-evil car rides.

A texted shot we received while away:
Happy to see that Ethel looks like she recovered
from the trauma of the car ride to HRS.
Lucy in her typical paranoid state of mind.
And Bunya, posing for the camera and waiting for treats.

Apparently, they were happy to be home, too.
After a little of this Bunya loving, Ethel moved
to love on and then lean against Lucy's head.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bunnies of New Morning Gallery

New Morning Gallery is one of our regular "must see" stops whenever we are in Asheville, NC. It turned out to have been an incredibly bunny-rich environment. A special thanks to them for letting RR take bunny pictures. Pictures are in the order of our stroll through the gallery (i.e., random). Of course, they have much more than just bunny art, but hey, this is a bunny blog.
(A couple of the pictures have artist data, but the helpful folks there can identify the artist of any piece you may wish to pursue.)

Coming soon: The Bunnies of Biltmore

The snack bowl is attached to this cute bun.
Maybe you could use it to eat your morning bowl of Cocoa Puffs
(bunny people will get that for sure).

We actually have one of these.
It holds tooth picks or matches,
but ours is just for the bunny decoration.

These are cards to write notes.
Or I would just frame it.

Really large totes. Uh... we now own the one on the left.
It reminded us of a younger Bunya.

Artist data on the tote.

A new take on the Tortoise and the Hare

Love the tushy jumping in ("bottom" right).

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bunny Monday Meme*day

Oh, yes, have run into this before! Especially from Lucy. Or Bunya if he has to take medicine.
They ought to have a telethon...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bunya takes his medicine

Bunya has to take some medicine for a digestive obstruction. After he takes his meds, he gets a papaya treat as a reward. There's always a little up-front protest about the meds before he sucks it back; he clears off the counter, takes his meds, and then gets excited about and anxious for his treat.
Check out the lip licking about 30-ish seconds in.

(If this does not play for you here, it is also posted on the Rabbit Ramblings YouTube channel at

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Every bunny thing old is new again

How to fight bunny boredom has been discussed (in this post). 
Apparently, you can also rearrange the furniture.

On pen cleaning day, we usually take everything out to vacuum and clean. When we have to hurry, we might just pile everything up in a corner and work around it (it gets us 80%+ there).

Well, it seems the tower of their stuff made it all interesting and explorable again. Don't worry - they can't get any higher than they usually do and it is actually very stable.

Their "funhouse" was out of place for cleaning and that made it the subject of intense scrutiny by all three buns.

Ethel getting nosed out of the way by Bunya,
with Lucy blocking Ethel's progress.
All aboard!

Bunya asserts his position as the Grand Poobah.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bunny Monday Meme*day (Le cinéma)

Well, as long as we're on the topic of shadow bunnies ...

Yeah, um, fingers on the right hand could be knotted for a while ... like Mom said, it could stick like that.