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Rabbit Ramblings...
... is an evolving thing. It is Bun-centric, so expect pictures of bunnies, bunny things and things that look like bunnies.

Anything bunny is fair to be reviewed. If you have experience with any of the items posted, please add your comments to help other RR viewers.

Hopefully, what you find here will make you smile or laugh. You might also find some useful and informative bunny care tips here and there.

Bunny Backstory - 
check these posts for "In the beginning..."
How we ended up with 3 bunnies
The names “Lucy & Ethel”
Rabbit habitat
The name "Bunya"

Bunya, Lucy & Ethel Around the Web
"Sshhhhh... Be vewy, vewy quiet..." (DB)
Another PhB Candidate Graduates! (DB)
And slowly I turned, step by step... (DB)
Bunny-Whipped: Lucy as Cover-Bun of the Month
Bunny Yawns - a compilation from The Dodo
Ethel is yawning at 16 second mark and flopping from 24 seconds to the end.
Bunny yawns are on The Dodo Facebook, on YouTube, on Cute Overload, or on Rabbit Ramblings
Bunspace - Bunya (click on Bunya's family to see Lucy & Ethel)
Cute Overload
Don't you just loooove the salad bar at this place?!? (DB)
Face Off ... (DB)
First Impressions, Junior, First Impressions!! (DB)
Furry Book Worm (DB)
Grocery Day (DB = Daily Bunny)
icanhascheezburger - Year of the Rabbit page - This link doesn't work anymore, but you can view others' posters and make your own at Cheezburger's meme maker.
Introducing B-Spa! (DB)
Nomming with Alice & Bunya (DB)
Nooooo... my stories! (Ethel on DB)
Story Time - The 3 Li'l Buns (DB)
Want. To Pet. Fuzzy Forehead!! (DB)
You have an audience - Entertain us! (DB)
Zazzle (buy mousepad to support GA HRS)

Favorite Posts
Bunny Care - Top 5 Reasons to Shop at HRS
Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part 1]
Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part Deux]
Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny [Part C]
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Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny (x 4)
icanhascheezburger's Year of the Rabbit Posters
Animated hopping bunny
Virtual animated pet bunny
How to fold a bunny napkin
The way bunnies roll (bunny breads and rolls)
Download an Animal Alert wallet card and window sign from these links

Posts if you need to relax
UPDATE: Enjoy these clips but please do NOT trance your bunny.
The concern is that this is a fear response by a prey animal.
They are not relaxed; it may be a defense mechanism.
We do not do it anymore.
Thank you.
The Zen Bun - Bunya gets skritched
Lucy in her Zen trance
Ethel mesmerized (more Zen-bun)

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Funny Bunnies
Daily Bunny - my favorite; updated most frequently and they're just funny people
Cute Overload - the Bunny pages
Daily bunny .ORG
The Bunny Slave Test - Are you one?
The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library
The Life and Times of Bunnies
Bunny.nu - I knew I liked Swedish Fish; now I know I like Swedish Bunnies, too! Who nu?
Little fluffy adventures
Bunny-whipped: I love the name of this site; if you are reading this, you probably do too - and you probably are. Cute pictures and a B-W store
Disapproving Rabbits - Prepare to laugh. Need I say more?

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