Bunny Heroes

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Blazer bunny saves NJ couple from gas leak

Rabbit saves mother and daughter from fire before succumbing to smoke inhalation

A terrible death: The pet rabbit awoke the homeowner by scratching on her chest

Thumping bunnies save Tucson family of 5 from fire!

Bunny scares off burglar by thumping!

The 4.5kg, 2ft-long pet began stomping so loudly on the floor that the intruder was caught on the hop and left

Rabbit saves family from fire by scratching at owners' bedroom door

Hammie the Bunny saves child by sensing low blood sugar

California resident Aundrea Hudgens believes this instinctive early warning system saved her daughter Emily’s life not once, but twice.

One night Aundrea was awakened by a loud thumping sound. “I didn't register what the sound was though.” She woke up and went to check in Emily’s room, where the sound was coming from.

Emily has Type 1 diabetes, which can cause dangerously low drops in blood sugar levels at night. Aundrea thought Emily looked “really pale and sweaty” and was not awake so she checked Emily’s blood sugar and found that it was very low. According to Aundrea, Emily “could have died.”

A few weeks later Hammie did it again. Aundrea said, “I wonder if that rabbit knew! Those two times he alerted us that something was wrong.” She added, “I don’t know how he could sense it but he did.”

Bunny saves diabetic from coma

Dory gets a hug

Adorable bunny saves skeletal 6st anorexic from starving to death – thanks to his routine feeding times

Ellie Taylor with her rabbit Roary

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