Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bunny apple wood taste test

Nuage (a gorgeous bunny) of Potentially Nervous performs a taste test: competitors' apple wood sticks versus their own brand o' branches. It's like Nuage wrote the script and did his own direction ... he's perfect - tosses the competition and mows down his own brand like a little bunny wood chipper.

Can you say: nom, nom, nom?
Sure, I knew you could.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Buy a T-shirt to benefit HRS - on sale for ONE WEEK only

Buy your original, limited-edition House Rabbit Society t-shirt by FLOAT, and $8 from every purchase will help rabbits in need. Only sold online for ONE WEEK!

Available in different styles and colors

How our bunnies stay cool

They hit the cool bricks (at least, when their pen gate is open).

Bunya is almost camouflaged against the brick.

Or snuggle around the water dish (with ice cubes).

A bunny's normal temperature is around 101-103 degrees F. Plus, they wear little fur coats. Help your bunnies stay cool. That's why they're "house rabbits" - air conditioning is a good thing for them, too. Here are a couple of posts about cool bunnies:
Bunny care - Stay cool
RR Submission: Callie

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The first rule of Bun Club ...

Bunny Rule 1 Bunny Rule 2 Bunny Rule 3 

Bunny Rule 4 Bunny Rule 5 BunnyRule6

BunnyRule7  BunnyRule8 BunnyRule9


These rules that, if you own a bunny, you know so well, are from Bunny Approved.
Check them out because there are bound to be many more rules added over time.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

GARP Day of Action for Georgia House Rabbit Society

Earlier this year, GARP (Georgia Animal Rights & Protection) volunteers cleaned up the GHRS shelter property and installed vegetable beds to help feed the rescued bunnies. Just found this great video showing what the volunteers accomplished and explaining what GHRS does.

Join GHRS.
Donate to GHRS.
Volunteer at GHRS.

Friday, July 26, 2013

PushemePullyou pose, or bunny butt-to-butt

Lucy & Ethel were atop the new bunny fun house and assumed the butt-to-butt pose made famous by Dr. Dolittle.
Lucy & Ethel "cheek-to-cheek"

Dr. Dolittle's Push Me Pull You

Ethel has done the same thing with Bunya ...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ethel Flops

Less than 7 seconds in total and over in 3.
Ethel was cleaning her ears and it looked so cute, I tried to capture it on video. The camera got working just as she stopped grooming, but then she did one of her slo-mo twisty head flops.
She is so cute.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great bunny t-shirt!

What a great sentiment, whether you are talking bunnies, dogs, cats or any pet:

And you can get it on an adorable bunny T-shirt!!!

All profits benefit BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center and the 118 bunnies for which they are currently caring.

You can order your t-shirt HERE
(Or if you do not want a great bunny t-shirt that you would look absolutely mah-velous in - seriously, you know you would - you can still make a donation and help the bunnies HERE.)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Visit to GHRS, Section C

While at GHRS, noticed a lot of new "Bunny Things" that you can buy at the Hop Shop.
(Well, you can't buy the things in the bunny garden, but they still deserve to be shown as "bunny things.)

Beautiful bunny candle holder

Modest bunny statue,
under glass

Bunny statue

Bunny lawn ornament

Bunny wood carving

Bunny hat

Bunny card
Bunny origami

Bunny ceramic

In the garden: chia bunny???
GHRS started their own fresh vegetable beds
to help feed the rescue bunnies

Another garden bun

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Visit to GHRS, Part Deux

While at GHRS, we took a tour of the adoptables ...

This cute, sweet rescue is a special needs bun and is wearing a diaper.
Problems with Pancakes' back legs allow urine onto the legs, leading to burn problems.
It is hoped the diaper will allow him to heal.
He may end up a "sanctuary" bun ...
if no one is found to adopt him, he may live out his life in the care of GHRS.

These are only some because many are being cared for in the network of foster homes that greatly expand the shelter's bunny saving capacity.

GHRS Adoptable Bunny page

GHRS Donation page

GHRS Home page

GHRS Bunny Care page

Don't shop - Adopt.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Visit to GHRS, Part 1

The bunnies needed manicures and we needed supplies (Probios, hays, Oxbow Bunny Basics/T pellets ...).

Since Lucy does not like to be picked up, she is the first we have to snag; if we can't get her first, she will find someplace we can't reach her and disappear.

I feel terrible doing it, but I offered a papaya and tried to snag her. And missed. *sigh*
Feeling even worse, I opened the jar of Probios, their ultimate treat. Could the sound of the jar opening, the sound of the shaking treats and the sight of the jar trigger some Pavlovian-like conditioning, even though she knew I just tried to pick her up?
Yes. I was very surprised. And felt so guilty.

She couldn't even eat her treat after I put her in the carrier with it. None of them did; it was still there when we got home. Anyway, Bunya was next and then Ethel (who is the most traumatized by the carrier and car travel).

The bunnies shift around in their carrier, hunker down,
huddle together ... and their ears shake like leaves in a hurricane.

The reason for the trip: bunny manicures.
In case you can't tell,
this is one disapproving bunny.

When they were released at home, I was rightfully and emphatically flicked off, primarily by Lucy. She made her feeling about the whole episode quite clear.

Preview of coming posts:
Adoptables at the GHRS
Bunny Things at the GHRS

Friday, July 19, 2013

The bunnies' new BUNNY THING!!!

At BunnyFest this year was a bunny digging box as part of the silent auction.
Wanted it; didn't get it.

But had a great discussion with one of its "architect/builders" (Mr. Dr. thebunnylady) about what would I want in a digging box. Or rather, what I thought the bunnies might like. He took those ideas and much more and came up with this. The highest compliment I can give this project is: He was thinking like a bunny.

I will try to recap its many wonderful features:
It is a combination playhouse and digging box.
It is divided into sections and has multiple entrances/exits.
Along this side is one entrance (the bunny outline) and a window
(the Plexiglas can be removed so it becomes an entrance).
There is another entrance on the left side, for which steps have been built.

Relative to the prior picture, this is the "back" side (see the steps)
There is another entrance on this side and it has a
ramp/tunnel combo that leads up to it.

From this perspective, you can see the two main chambers.
The bottom one is carpeted.
The upper one (under the paper) is floored with linoleum.
Strips of paper provide the material to "dig" through.
The two parts are connected by another door and
at the "top" (in this picture's orientation) is
a shelf (level with the ramp) for the bunnies
to step onto before diving into the paper

(it also provides access to the top).

This picture shows the carpeted top,
with the opening just above the shelf,
making this 3 levels of bunny entertainment.
Lucy standing on the shelf, looking around.
Lucy & Ethel exploring the steps and rooms.
Lucy & Ethel exploring the penthouse level.

Bunya seemed to settle into various spots and
look out upon his world.
He also liked to look out from under the tunnel
(that the ramp leads up to).
As we expected, Ethel loves digging through the paper. She will swim her laps and sometimes peek out at us through the little window. I think she's smiling. (See prior post about "SCUBA": Self Contained Underpaper Bunny Apparatus here.)

Expect to see this bunny toy in many future posts.