Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter -- The Easter wrap-up

To all who celebrate, we hope you have a meaningful and happy holiday!


GHRS-Petco Easter education and picture project
Last weekend, many area Petcos sponsored events where customers (well, their children) could have their picture taken with one of the GHRS rescue bunnies for a $5 donation to the Petco Foundation. In addition, GHRS volunteers were on hand to educate anyone with an interest in bunnies, and hopefully, in adopting a rescue. The Duluth Petco really went all out to provide a great table for the educational materials and a wonderfully decorated set for the pictures.

Table set up for educational materials

Set awaiting bunny & child

Cute bunny, cute child.
Onlookers smiling at above.

Harry, an absolutely adorable little lionhead bunny
provided the holiday thematic touch to pictures
(he's in the basket).


One more article about bunnies and Easter:
There was a great 2011 AP article by Sue Manning about bunnies and Easter:
Beware the Easter bunny; he may not be an easy pet

It's to warn people who might get a rabbit for Easter.
That's good.
But it makes it seem like rabbits are more trouble than other pets.
That's bad.
But it lists a lot of realistic factors about bunny care.
That's good.
I wanted to share the link with you but couldn't find it in my local paper's website.
That's bad.
But if you Google the title of the article, you can find it in a number of places.
That's good.
Okay, Homer can take his "frogurt" and go home now.
(See Homer's frogurt is you want to understand this silly attempt at humor.)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunnies rescued from hoarder and others...

Went to GHRS today to visit some of the bunnies rescued from the RV park. Here are a few pictures ...



Fiona & Archie

Unfortunately, they all had this on their pens.

As noted in prior post:
This 03-29-2013 article seems to be the most complete and fact-filled update yet.

There is an emergency need for foster homes and funds to care for these rabbits. The survivors of horrendous treatment at the hands of the hoarders (and others - see the article) will need foster homes shortly. This influx has maxed out the GHRS resources of space and funds -- right before the Easter "busy season" when so many "Easter rabbit" impulse buys are abandoned.

Here are:

GHRS Facebook page (main)
GHRS website
GHRS donation page
No donation is too small; all are greatly appreciated.

To everyone who has written to RR or commented that
you have donated or re-posted the appeal!
You are a hero to these bunnies!

GA rabbit hoarder update

The lucky (and cute) survivors of a litter that was rescued by GHRS

This 03-29-2013 article seems to be the most complete and fact-filled update yet.

You can see more pictures of the rescued bunnies on the GHRS Facebook photo page.
(Warning: They are not all as fortunate as the babies above.)

There is an emergency need for foster homes and funds to care for these rabbits. The bunnies have been and are being cared for at Windward Animal Hospital by Dr. Stewart Colby (thanks, Doc!). The survivors of horrendous treatment at the hands of the hoarders (and others - see the article) will need foster homes shortly. This influx has maxed out the GHRS resources of space and funds -- right before the Easter "busy season" when so many "Easter rabbit" impulse buys are abandoned.

Here are:

GHRS Facebook page (main)
GHRS website
GHRS donation page
No donation is too small; all are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny math

DugDug came up with an interesting chart about bunny mathematics. If it does not show well here, you can find the blog post and chart here

The only minor issue I have is that the post is titled about an Easter bunny problem.
I think it's more of a human problem.
> : )

Amy Sedaris PSA for HRS & GHRS Challenge almost over!

This video may have been posted before but it is a great one - and timely before Easter, even though it is a year-round message.

Thank you, Amy! And HRS!


We are in the final (2-1/2) days of the GHRS Challenge to buy the bunnies' shelter. 82+% of the way to the maximum donation!

"Like" the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page by 03-31-2013 to raise funds for the Georgia House Rabbit Society to buy the bunnies' shelter home (explained here).

If you have already "Liked" the Facebook page, thank you from RR and the adoptable bunnies of GHRS!

Please send the Facebook link to your bunny loving friends!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reel Rabbits

Reel Rabbits - No, not a new TruTV show. It turns out our source for bunny slippers (the appropriately named has a blog and they recently posted a montage of fast paced movie clips about our favorite topic - bunnies!

P.S. If you can name the movies in order, you can win a $100 gift certificate (there are 32 clips from 27 movies). Hint: Roger Rabbit is first and in there more than once.
And they even included Neo in The Matrix because he had to follow the white rabbit to find
> : )

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Executive bunny Bunya

For as long as I can recall, Bunya loves his executive bunny chair. He hops up to the top of the sofa and over, and onto his chair. The chair is used for anyone that wants to sit at the desk, but we figured it was a good idea not to regularly park it at the desk, a potential bunny heaven of chewy wires linking computer, printer, buncam, and so on.

Checking the view before sitting in his chair.

Bunya, watching CNBC
(Cable News Bunny Channel)

Bunya: Did you have an appointment?
How did you get past my secretary?

Before Lucy and Ethel, Alice used to snuggle with Bunya on the chair. Now it is pretty much his ... Lucy and Ethel venture onto the sofa. And Ethel will crest the top cushion. But neither seems to want to join Bunya in the executive chair.

"Olden days": Alice and Bunya, "co-chairs" of Bunya Estates

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunny hoarding in GA - emergency needs

Cold, thin, hoarded rabbits run to GHRS volunteers
after realizing they offered food -
and the buns didn't even know about the love,
attention and health care they would soon receive.

77 rabbits were being kept in deplorable conditions by hoarders in Dunwoody, GA.
So far, it appears that GHRS will be able to rescue not quite half of those.

All this is happening before the dreaded (for bunnies, not people) Easter "busy season" experienced by animal shelters as uneducated people try to get a rabbit for their children or as a novelty holiday gift.

There is an emergency need for foster homes and funds to care for these rabbits.
You can donate or sponsor a rabbit through GHRS here: Donate to GHRS
No donation is too small; all are greatly appreciated.

Most current update as of 2013-03-26, 3PM, from the GHRS Facebook page:
UPDATE: We have ALL of the bunnies from Jellystone Park!! This morning a few representatives from the GHRS headed to Jellystone after an agreement was made to take the females for immediate vetting. Once there, we were gravely concerned about the conditions of ALL OF THE RABBITS and we took each and every one of them from the property. The initial report is that we took 23 rabbits under our care. They are en route to Windward Animal Hospital at this very moment. The buns were hungry, cold and very thin. We will continue with updates as we learn more about their condition. WE NEED IMMEDIATE FOSTER HOMES!! We have rescued over 30 rabbits from this hoarding situation and need to place all of them in temporary housing while they recover and adapt. PLEASE get in touch with us if you are willing to look after a bunny for a period of time. You can reach us at, or

Prior stories and updates:
2013-03-24: GHRS site update
2013-03-23: WSB-TV 2 news video
2013-03-19 : The Smoking Gun article
2013-03-19: Atlanta Journal Constitution story

The above stories and updates have been posted on the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page. You can view the page even if you have not joined Facebook.

Please help us...
Thank you!

Bunya takes his medicine - all in one!

Bunya has got the program down now and can take his medicine in one go.

Bunya: Okay, let's get this over with and
get to the part with the papaya.

Here it is, all except one drop in one "take":

Then, there's the post-medicine clean-up licking (my personal favorite):

Inspired by recent RR submission, Dexter Bunn, wondered if Bunya had the routine down enough to take his medicine without picking him up or holding him. The answer was: Yes!

However, trying to capture on video was another story. He started to comply but the other bunnies were too curious about what it was and anxious for some papaya. Note to self: Trying to video crazy bunnies, administer medicine, and balance papaya, a syringe and a camera ... well, just pass on the attempt and next time, get a cameraman (or woman).

Medicine Mayhem -- Not effective but still cute.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Meme*day -- for Easter (Part 2)

Part 1 was posted here.

This is a link where you can read about why: Easter and Rabbits Do Not Mix

Please ...
Pick some you like and spread the word:
Post it on your blog or Facebook page.
Post it in your church.
Ask your clergy to mention it from the pulpit.
Circulate it to your neighborhood groups.
Email it to your friends and contacts.
Send them to teachers/post it at school.
Ask your local paper to print it.
Ask TV and radio channels to make it into a PSA.
With permission, post some flyers in your grocery store
or in restaurants with bulletin boards.

Please help save somebunny.

Post other ideas how to spread the word in the comments.



Gypsy and Daisy contributed to the founding of New Moon Rabbit Rescue.
You can read Daisy's story here.
(Spoiler alert: Get some tissues first.)









Sunday, March 24, 2013

RR Submission: Dexter

Whoops - wrong Dexter!

This is Dexter Bunn!
And what is Dexter Bunn doing in this picture?
Taking his medicine like a champ!
Dexter's slave tells RR that Mr. Bunn is currently recovering from stasis brought on by an abscess in his mouth.

I thought Bunya was being good when he'd take his medicine but Dexter's even better! When it's time for his dose, just say "Medicine" and he is front and center awaiting the administration thereof. The picture shows him sucking it back like it's a delicious carrot juice cocktail.

Kudo's to D.B.'s slave for catching the stasis and saving D.B.!

(P.S. It is not Bunya in this picture, but they sure look like they could be cousins. If Dexter gained a little weight. Maybe more than a little weight.)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter bunny video from Sweet Binks

Now this is getting the message out there!
Great job, Sweet Binks and thank you, Rhode Island ABC Channel 6!

ABC6 - Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA News, Weather

(Cute "stuffed" bunny in the video)

One of the links on the Sweet Binks site is about Easter, Children and Rabbits.
It is so good, I hope they don't mind my repeating one entire section:

Unfortunately, most bunnies that come to Sweet Binks were former “Easter bunnies”, or “gifts” to children and end up in one of our local shelters or abandoned outside or forgotten in a hutch. Folks see the cute little young bunny for sale around Easter at pet stores or fairs in the summer by breeders, and buy the bunny on impulse without first learning about them, their care, or their requirements, or not taking into consideration that a bunny is a long term commitment just like a cat or dog. Many pet shops and others who sell bunnies are not even knowledgeable at all about rabbits! Later, when that cute little bunny reaches sexual maturity, and folks do not know to spay/neuter or are unwilling to spend $200+ to spay/neuter, the rabbit is taken to a shelter or worse, set free. Many end up outside in a hutch just living a sad and forgotten life, and most are looking for a new home by “back to school” time. Most domestic rabbits don’t make it past their first year with a family before being discarded, because a good decision wasn’t made beforehand about a bunny as a “child’s” pet. Parents need to understand that the rabbit will be their responsibility (not the kids) for the next 8 to 10 years. Some people just turn the bunny loose, thinking that the bunny will fend for itself. This does not happen, the bunny will either fall to a predator, starve, or find some other untimely demise. It is the most inhumane thing to do, and also illegal. Domestic rabbits do not have the survival skills of their undomesticated cousins and do not last long in the “wild”.
Just the fact that you are reading this now shows that you are taking the time to educate yourself, and are on your way to becoming a good companion to your future bunny, or making an educated decision about whether a bunny is a good companion for your household.

Well said, Sweet Binks!

Friday, March 22, 2013

RR Submission: Sandy & Blackie

Prepare to ... how does one say it -- SQUEE!

Blackie Bunny

Sandy Q. Rabbit
(love the little paw on the dish)
Blackie Bunny was rescued from this bunny slave's daughter’s third grade classroom (good job!).

Sandy was adopted from a shelter to be Blackie's bunnybuddy (excellent!).

Daughter is now off to college and bunnymom cares for this dynamic duo who are now over 10 years old! And who don't look their age! (Probably because of their great care).

Bunnymom writes RR that the pair prefer a good box to store-bought toys. Nothing unusual there. If you listen to your bunnies, they will let you know what they like and what they don't.
That's when you know you are a true bunny slave.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How hard is it to get rid of a rabbit?

How hard is it to get rid of a rabbit? is the title of an article every bunny person will want to read and every person considering getting a bunny should read. You can find this excellent article online here.

Dave Good did his homework and learned about rabbits and how to care for the bunny that had been abandoned along his jogging route. In this video, he talks about "Stoopid" (the name that had been tattooed in the bunny's ear).

Thank you, sir, for the great article, the video, and most of all, rescuing a bunny.
Yeah, we're a cult.

By the way, he re-named the bunny "Mouse".
And is a new HRS volunteer.
Welcome, Dave!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bunny birthday cards & GHRS challenge update

It's hard to find a bunny birthday card, especially at this time of year, but I received several. Only one of the below was a re-purposed Easter card .... and I don't mind at all.

Inside: and a few more gray hares!
(from Trader Joe's Gourmet Greetings)

Pathway Art cards
Hallmark Shoebox

American Greetings inventions

Hallmark connections

Carlton Cards

Bonus gift: origami rabbit envelope
(came with a dollar bill made into a Swiss Army penguin :)

Postcard (SSI 0410)

Mostly Postcards Inc.


Progress has been made!
Currently at 68% of potential award and $500 has already been sent to GHRS as a down payment.

Here's the deal:
"Like" the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page by 03-31-2013 to raise funds for the Georgia House Rabbit Society to buy the bunnies' shelter home (explained here).

There are about 10 days left to max out the award to GHRS, so please send the Facebook link to your bunny loving friends.

Thank you!