Funny Bunny Memes

Guess I like to collect things.
Here are some memes that have been found around the internet and perhaps been featured in a Rabbit Ramblings post.
Laughter is important. Hope you get some here.
(Adding new ones at the top.)
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Update: Bunny advocacy memes are on a separate page.
Our bunnies' memes are here.

(From World Series game played on Halloween)

(At Halloween)

For fans of Hare-y Potter?
Find the artist on Etsy and Facebook

I call this "Lois on the wrong side of the gate".
It's some of her finest work.
This is why we call "bunny proofing"... "attempted bunny proofing".
You'll never be convicted of bunny proofing.

🐰🐰🐰 Duh- bunnies! 🐰🐰🐰

This bunny is FINE! Pepper got a little too excited
bout the snow cone her human made her
with freeze dried strawberry dust.

Found here

Find Willow Grove Designs on Facebook and at their Store

The Fluffy Group on FB
The Fluffy Group shop

Fingerpori by Pertti Jarla
(According to Google Translate, paperintuhoojais a shredder.)

Bunneh Art on Facebook
Bunneh Art on Instagram


Image may contain: meme, text that says 'I was just watching TV and -BOOM! The couch exploded. You should be happy I was not hurt. How about some treats? Photo: J.M. Whitney Bethany Cocoa reads'

Bun Bee on Facebook
Bunnies are so judgmental. We've all seen this look.

Image may contain: text that says '#rabbitsofig tokihut My rabbit Bean is molting and now he always looks angry 562 views tokihut more HAHAHA'

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and outdoor

FB: Bunderful Thumping Memes

Image may contain: text that says 'I think they're both asleep. (He has cataracts and can't see.) JNOT928S This is bonded bunny love Rabbit bbitRamblings'

Image may contain: meme and text
For real information on Coronavirus/COVID-19
and how to protect yourself, see: and
#COVID19 #Coronavirus #CDC #WHO
Ned is adoptable from The Bunny Brigade

Maria Scrivan on Facebook
Twitter/Instagram: @mariascrivan

Find cocobunbuns here

Everyone is sharing their graduation pictures this year,
to honor the shelter-at-home graduates of 2020.
Ethel wanted to play, too.
Remember to play Pomp & Circumstance
for your 2020 graduates.

Image may contain: text
I think Mom will knock them into the next aisle.
Please stay healthy.

Bunderful Thumping Memes

Bunderful Thumping Memes

Find more "rabbits as food is not funny" memes here

Bunderful Thumping Memes on Facebook

(Made me think of the bunnies' litter boxes)

Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead, with bunny
Meme credit: Bun Bee the Bunny

Norman Reedus with Dante the Therapy Bun

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Burgess Excel ROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE RABBITS EAT HAY AS WELL AS THEIR POO'

Cute Bunneh Rabbits on Facebook


Liz Climo
On Facebook
On Instagram
On Twitter

Amour & Louie website

Bunderful Thumping Memes on Facebook

Artist: Scott Hilburn on
The Argyle Sweater
Check out this post for the backstory:
Adapting to Aging Bunnies

Bunderful Thumping Memes

Bunny Rabbit on Facebook

Or Bunicorns

Mr Bean and Friends

Valentine the Bunny on Facebook

E.M McNair
The New Yorker Cartoons on FB

Georgia House Rabbit Society website
Facebook page

Bunny Brigade FB page

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: 4 people, meme and text
Tip o' the hat to Monty Python (and the Holy Grail) and the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

Life of Simba on Facebook

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

[Found unsigned/uncredited. If you know who the cartoonist/artist is, please email RR links to their websites and/or social media pages. Thank you.]

Image may contain: text that says 'The look I get when I stop the bunny massage.'
Cute Bunneh Rabbits on Facebook

Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue

No photo description available.
Artist website
Artist on Instagram
Artist on Facebook

No photo description available.
I love Regarding the Secret Life of Rabbits.

Weird Bunnies on Facebook
Weird Bunnies website

Image may contain: meme and text

[Please do not feed your bunnies human food.]
#AdoptDontShop #MakeMineChocolate
#10YearCommitment #NotForEaster #Easter
Image may contain: meme and text

No photo description available.
Image may contain: meme and text

Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Spay & neuter - read about it at here. It discusses
the reasons for doing it, age to do it, questions for the vet, and pre- & post-op care.
Enter “spay neuter” in the search box in the upper right corner for more articles on topic.
The site also has vet listings and local HRS chapters.
Spaying a female bunny will double her life expectancy
(otherwise, the great majority die of cancer of the reproductive organs).
Just last night, I was commenting to DrMrsBunnyMom
that 90% of my personal Facebook feed is other bunny pages I follow.
Then I saw this.

Flounder Bunny on Instagram

Image may contain: text

Buns of Steel on Facebook

The Far Side website
Books by Gary Larson
Bunnyhugga Facebook
Bunnyhugga website

No photo description available.
“I’m sorry, spoiled? Properly appreciated is more like it.” Edith
To volunteer, foster, adopt or donate, contact:

Image may contain: meme and text

Bizarro on Facebook
Bizarro website

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: cat and text

Bunny Rabbit on Facebook

Veterans Day - Thank you for your service

Instagram link

Dusy BunnBunn's Facebook page

Pamela's Pencil Portraits

Marshmallow's meme found here

Pamela's Pencil Portraits

Rabbitat for Humanity

Image may contain: text
Bunnies have distinct personalities.
Bunnies do not like to be picked up.
Bunnies can't vomit.
Bunnies are crepuscular.
Bunnies can be litter box trained.

Bunnies have 2 kinds of poop;
the cecotropes must be re-ingested for bunnies to get proper nutrition.
Bunnies' diet is 80-85% hay.
Bunnies shouldn't eat a lot of carrots.
Bunnies binky and flop.
Bunnies require specialized exotics vets who are specifically rabbit-savvy. And there aren't enough of them.
Bunnies should be kept indoors.
There is a House Rabbit Society with chapters all over the world.
Bunnies' teeth grow throughout their lives.
..... I'm usually talking to myself by now.
Winnie The Wonder Bun

Image may contain: text

Valentine the Bunny

#SpayAndNeuter #AdoptDontShop
Twitter/Instagram: @mariascrivan
Napoleon Bunnyparte

napoleonbunnyparte website
napoleonbunnyparte Facebook
Bunny Approved website
Bunny Approved on Facebook

Samson's Facebook page
Samson's Instagram

Miss Bunz website
Miss Bunz Facebook page
On Facebook

To adopt Clive (and say "moo" no more):
Photo credit: Siddharth Ravichandran

Just for Bun on FB
Tale of Two Rabbits

No automatic alt text available.

Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
Best4bunny website
Best4bunny Facebook

Cranky Girl and

Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
Best4bunny website
Best4bunny Facebook

Bunny Buddhism

Cuteiful Critters

FB page, website

Hi, I'm Liz

Bunny Yoga
Maxine on Facebook

Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
Best4bunny website
Best4bunny Facebook

Image may contain: text

Artist's Instagram account - check it out - really cute stuff.

FB Page

The Argyle Sweater

(Because they're all ears)

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

Bunny math - Get your bunnies fixed so they can't multiply!

Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
Best4bunny website
Best4bunny Facebook

August 1, 2016 - One year anniversary of Lucy passing over the Rainbow Bridge.
You can read about her here
Rainbow Bridge (and more) here.

It's a funny comic but I feel obligated to note that carrots are a bunny treat,
to be given in small amounts. Carrots are sugary and similar to a person eating donuts.
The carrot tops, the greens, are also treasured by bunnies
and don't have the same restriction. Hope this wasn't a buzzkill. >:)

Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
Best4bunny website
Best4bunny Facebook

Funny meme, but if your bunny is not pooping, get to a rabbit-savvy vet ASAP.

Monty Python reference. If you don't get it:

Bolt and Frolic

But can you find the egg?

From Mutts

(My apologies for misspelling Obi Wan Bunobi's name)

Bizarro by Piraro

Tales of Two Rabbits


HRS Rabbit Center
House Rabbit Society

From Napoleon Bunnyparte
In memory of Lucy

(An Easter caution)
(On springing forward to Daylight Savings Time)
My favorite, too. RIP, Leonard Nimoy.

From our friends at Bunnyhugga
(Bunnyhugga FB page)

From Penny and Sheldon
Bunny anniversary card


May the furs be with you.

Elton Bohn

Any foods you don't keep at home anymore?

(Spelling not by RR) by Brian Russo

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Read about bunny treats here

Bunny Buddhism's Facebook page is here
Darth Bunner: May the treats be with you!

Related to pet disaster preparedness post
(Titanic reference)

CPA ... Carrot Public Accountant

(International Talk Like a Pirate Day)

Finally, someone has labeled a lop with all the important scientific parts,
like flufferbuttle and thumping puffers.

Looks legit to me. I'm sure nothing untoward will happen.
Well, maybe a few on-line orders for treats, fresh greens and toys.
Using your credit card ... no biggie.

Not an exact science

One of several posters about NOT getting a rabbit for Easter;
see post for many more. Spread the word, especially before Easter.
Ethel's bunny ears post
Lagomorpheus - bunnies in the Matrix

Posted here
Parlez vous humma-humma?

What do you mean you left the keys in the litter box?
Love this

From imgur

In an alternate universe ...

Go ahead, it takes a "second".
Maybe a minute ...

Where does your bunny like to be pet?

Make your own meme

Bunya [in a Thurston Howell III nasal intonation]:
Ummmm ... okay, so maybe you do have some small advantage
with those opposable thumb thingies.
You may continue.

Dealing Bunya - Bunya as cardback

A man with a rabbit on his head walks into a doctor's office.
The doctor says, "Hmmm. I see the problem."
The bunny says. "Well, it's pretty obvious -
do you think you can remove this man from my butt?


By Bipolar Bunny


                          HRS attitude adjustment banner

Save 2 lives.

Great slogan (but too small): ADOPT. DON'T SHOP.

Event sign that GHRS uses
to point the way to the festivities

From Lush bag

And some pictures of some really cute adoptables that have been featured in RR posts ...

Used to illustrate bunny math

Zazzle (rescued mommy in pink cast) and babies

One of Lucille's babies



Sir Winston
(and update)

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