Bunny Care/Resource Links

This page recaps the Rabbit Ramblings posts that relate to bunny care. The GHRS volunteers are knowledgeable and wonderful (bunderful?). Hopefully, I have fairly represented what they have taught me. Any boo-boos are mine and, hopefully, they will let me know of any so I can correct them.

These "Rabbit Resources" links lead to many helpful and comprehensive sites with articles about rabbits:

Rabbitron - named after a bunny ... wonderful tribute to her and chock full of bunny care (with pictures) & resources and an impressive advocate for not having bunnies as Easter pets or classroom pets
Bunnyhugga - a treasure trove of bunny care info plus memes about bonded duo Flicka and Bailey Bunster (their Facebook page is here)
MediRabbit.com - "For educational purposes only" - no website is a substitute for a veterinary consultation

Activist Corner - links to topic areas such as: Rabbits as meat; Rabbit fur; Breeding and selling Rabbits; Product testing;Rabbits as prizes; Easter Rabbits and more
AnimalLawSource.org - Your resource for GA animal law

ARBA recognized breeds (please don't breed - adopt a rescue)
Wikipedia list of bunny breeds
Resources to Help Pay Vet Bills

Greens & vegetables - the good stuff
Rabbit food pyramid - clean, fresh hay and water 24/7 is the key
Plants that are TOXIC to Rabbits - From the Wisconsin HRS
Free Book: Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing (3rd Edition)

Pet Alert Wallet Card - Template of 10. This is a wallet card for pet owners/guardians so that, in an emergency, rescuers will be alert to the fact that the person has animals at home that require care. The back of the card provides spaces to name back-up caretakers and to remind the pet guardian what information to provide to the "in case of emergency" ("ICE") pet contacts.

Disaster preparedness for your pet - has links so you and your pet can be prepared in an emergency.

How to Take Care of a Pet Rabbit - is a series of videos by rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter, Ed.D., LVT and bunny lover Amy Sedaris (oh, yeah, Amy is also an actress).
[The videos may be preceded by a brief commercial.]
Videos list (not links):
1. What kinds of toys do rabbits like?
2. What to consider before buying a rabbit
3. How to rabbit-proof your home
4. How to know if your rabbit is sick
5. Should your rabbit live free-range?
6. Do rabbits shed?
7. Should I get a friend for my rabbit?
8. Can I leave my rabbit alone for the weekend?
9. Why are so many rabbits in shelters?
10. Are rabbits low-maintenance pets?
11. How long do rabbits live?
12. How to determine a rabbit's sex
13. Should you spay/neuter your rabbit?
14. Which rabbit breed is best?
15. What is the best diet for a rabbit?
16. Why it's dangerous to keep rabbits outside
17. Can rabbits be litter-trained?
18. How to trim your rabbit's nails
19. Do rabbits need to be bathed?
20. Do rabbit teeth need to be trimmed?
21. Can you keep a wild rabbit as a pet?
22. How to help an overweight rabbit
23. How to give a rabbit a pill
24. Are rabbits nocturnal?
25. How to make a rabbit less aggressive
26. Are rabbits good pets for children?
27. Do rabbits need veterinary care?
28. How to get rid of your rabbit's odor
29. How to get a rabbit back in its cage
30. How to take your rabbit on a car trip
31. Best carrier for a rabbit
32. Can I walk my rabbit on a leash?
33. How to take a rabbit's temperature
34. Can I keep a rabbit in my child's room?
35. 8 common myths about rabbits
36. Best litter material for a rabbit
37. How to determine a rabbit's age
38. How to groom your rabbit
39. How to handle a pet rabbit
40. How to clean a rabbit's scent glands
41. How to help a rabbit with gas pain
42. How to massage your rabbit
43. What are New Zealand White Rabbits?
44. Is your rabbit's pee & poop normal?
45. Do rabbits get along with other pets?
46. Top rabbit resources
47. What is a necropsy?
48. How to know when to euthenize a rabbit
49. About Amy Sedaris & Mary E. Cotter

A Hutch is Not Enough - Has a couple of short videos from the UK and HRS, both making great points about what bunnies need. Should be watched by anyone thinking about getting a bunny.
Great bunny video from The Humane Society - Is pretty self-explanatory, yes?
It's called "HOUSE" Rabbit Society for a good reason - at least 9 good reasons
Do NOT release an unwanted domestic rabbit outside into the "wild"

Easter Bunny Adoptions - Links to an article to warn people who think it might be cute to get a rabbit for Easter (hopefully, protecting bunnies from uneducated, temporary and often unknowingly abusive owners).
Don't buy a bunny just because it's Easter - Shows a great seasonal poster from HRS.
Year of the Rabbit - Is another great poster pointing out that bunnies should not be impulse buys.

Binky bunny hay buffet - Notes that hay is the foundation of a bunny's diet; they should always have access to it.
Chew Chew - Not a Train - Provides a couple of tips on bunny-proofing their play/roaming area.
Bunnies are SMART - So do not underestimate them!
Loud Noises - Reviews some things you can do when there may be "loud" going on near the bunnies, like 4th of July or New Years.
Battling Bunny Boredom - Discusses factors that contribute to a happy bunny.

Bunnies should have access to lots of fresh, clean hay, 24/7

What is a treat? - Briefly reviews the basic diet and them discusses healthy bunny treats.
Bunny care - Water and temperature - To help your bunnies stay cool and healthy.
Field of Greens - Offers one strategy that may help with your bunnies desire to dig.
The Litter Box - Suggests an idea if your buns like to dig in their litter box.
The Digging Box - Shows a strategy that gave Ethel that digging satisfaction, but at less expense than the home furnishings. "But wait!" - Important modification to this is shown at 08-08-2011 post.
Tax Season - Is really about something else you can give your buns to chew on.

Obstruction of Justice - Reviews the life threatening dangers of an obstruction in a bunny's digestive tract and some things you can do to help prevent it.
Water - Shaken, Not Stirred - Has another strategy so your bunnies get more water.
Opening the mystery box - Explains why you should be sensitive to your bunny's personality.
Sick Bunny Bunya - Includes a short summary of the key points for evaluating if your bunny is sick.

What Season Is It? - Is about grooming your bunnies regularly, but especially when they are shedding.
Bunny care - Shedding tip - Includes a thought about helping clean up the hair.
Grooming - Proper Posture & Procedure - Is about ... well, c'mon, guess.

Grooming Miss Ethel

Lucy Mesmerized - Makes the point that you should NOT trim your bunny's hairy feet.

Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Your HRS - They are a great resource!
Boarding Your Bunnies - At your local HRS, if you are lucky and they offer this service.
Bunnies Return - Shows their return from an HRS boarding experience.

Cardboard Jungle - Talks about constructing a bunny environment with safe things for them to climb on, hide in and chew.
Cardboard Jungle, Part 2 - Is a "P.S." to the above post.
Cardboard Playground - Recaps the bunnies' effort to chew a skylight in one of their favorite boxes.
One Day in the Cardboard Playground - Shows one of the bunnies' favorite cardboard constructs.
Cardboard Tunnel - Is a video that shows their first exploration of their new toy from the HRS shop.

Regularly Scheduled Vet Visit - Recaps the adventure of that day. Still beats an emergency trip to the vet. Check out Obstruction of Justice, above.
Bunny Burrito at the Vet - Get your vet or HRS to show you this wrestling hold (more important for some bunnies than others).
Bunny Burrito - Home Version - Shows how to wrap your bunny safely to, for example, administer medicine.
Poop Happens - Is about one way to assess your bunny's health.
Poopy Butt - Well, the title pretty much says it all.
Bunny vision - Read about what bunnies see.

Ethel as bunny burrito

Bunny home health exam - Do this with your bunny every week.
Do NOT bathe your bunny!

Regular annual checkup (Dec, 2011) is recapped in these posts:
Vet Visit - Let the preparations begin
Vet Visit - let the preparations continue
Vet Visit - the round up
Vet Visit - we're there. Finally.
Vet Visit - P.S.
Examining Lucy's little teefs
Adventures in bonding. And unbonding. And re-bonding.
The Bunmuda Triangle
Ethel at the Vet
Ethel Returns from the Vet
Bunny Reunion
No Clue What Happened
Family Therapy for Bunnies
Re-bonding Update
Reactions to Their "New" Pen
Cirque de Bunny: The Circle of Snuggle

Bunny Cartoon - Reviews several reasons why you should spay/neuter your bunnies.

[My interpretations – there are lots of websites that go into more "official" detail.]

Binky – A jump for joy, the way a bunny expresses happiness. Some run and jump and some just jump in place, twisting its body in all sorts of funny ways. [Ethel's binky: see posts on 07-05-2011 and 07-08-2011]

Chin - "This is mine!" A bunny will claim ownership of something by rubbing his or her chin on it. So when you see this, realize they are not just scratching an itch.

Flop – Done by a relaxed bunny comfortable with his surroundings. If you see it you will know it. The bunny twists its body and just falls sideways to the floor. [There should be a 12-19-2010 video on the site of one of Alice's flops. Ethel's failed flop: see 06-25-2011 post]

NASBunny (a la’ NASCAR) – All of a sudden, the bunny takes off, tearing a route around the room at super high speed, like the Indy 500. Often it will follow the same route over and over, making hairpin turns and heading in another direction. Our bunnies have repeated patterns up to maybe a half dozen times in a run. [Brief Ethel NASBunny: see 06-29-2011 post]

Nom - Seems to be the accepted representative sound of eating something. Can be a verb: nomming. So when you see a picture or cartoon and the bunny is going "nom, nom, nom", it is eating (or nomming) the food in the picture.

Nose bonk - You may be sitting in your chair, watching TV or reading a book, keeping your bunnies company when one sneaks up and bonks you somewhere, like on your big toe, with its nose. Your bunny wants attention and may be asking to play, be pet or given a treat. Play time!

Thump – The noise a bunny makes by cocking its back leg and letting it pound the floor. It might be scared or angry (you sneezed too loud – bunnies do not like loud). Or it might be happy (Oh boy, our human is going towards the treat jar!).