Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bunnywood Squares

Bunnies are "crepuscular" (not nocturnal) - they are active at dawn and dusk.

So what do your bunnies do during their "down time" during the day? Well, if the gate is open, our three take some form of what we have come to call "Bunnywood Squares". The most frequent position is with Lucy in the top "square" and Ethel & Bunya in the bottom "square". They do occasionally mix it up.

Bunya: Who's down there?

Bunya is snuggling with Ethel.
Lucy has the high ground.

This is where they are, on one of their castles
that is atop their "fun house".
This is the highest they can "roost" on their turf.

Thump no evil, Ear no evil and Chew no evil.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

More crafty bunnies

Cindy deRosier, one of our Rabbit Ramblings contributors, recently attended Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show. She dedicated a whole post to the bunnies she saw there.

Check out Cindy's post and see more crafty bunnies here.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

One day in the bunny pen

We (majorly) clean the bunny pen once a week, usually on Sunday morning. To accomplish this, we empty all their bowls, toys, boxes, tunnels, castles and tubes... so we can vacuum.

This time, the first thing back in the empty pen was their clean food dish, including food.

The second thing back in the pen was the bunnies.

Eating is an activity pursued with great focus.
And enthusiasm. And wiggly noses....

P.S. Here's what their pen looks like with their stuff in it. Or some of their stuff. A lot of other stuff is in the areas they run around in. Even though the gate is open, they often hang out in the pen, like Lucy & Ethel are doing here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I think the bunnies can tell time

For whatever reason, I give the bunnies their favorite treat, a Probios, at about 9:00pm every evening.

Probios is actually a horse treat that promotes good digestion; since they have a somewhat similar digestive system (they both eat hay) but are a little smaller than a horse, they only get one - broken into thirds.

It is also good for another reason: If one of the bunnies does not come for their Probios treat, he or she is sick and we have to take immediate action. So it is also a diagnostic tool. Like I said, they love them.

Anyway, I digress. Do you ever get a feeling that someone is staring at you? I was reading a book in my recliner and got that creepy feeling. I looked around, and down to my right saw this:

I turned to my left to see what time it was...

These bunnies can tell time. Or pretty close.
They all got their treat... on time.
Creepy. [Cue the Twilight  Zone theme here.]