Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bunny playground

The Sonoma Humane Society's Department of Bunny has an adorable little video to publicize their Saturday afternoon bunny playground events. 
Adorable + bunnies = Rabbit Ramblings material!

Things to look for:
LOTS of cute bunnies.
In the beginning, the binky the "production company" is named after (Leaping Rabbit).
About 47 seconds in, the grey and white bunny just to the left of middle screen scratches the ground and then gives a one-and-a-half whole body twisting flop (I rate it an easy 8.5).
Lots of bunnies running around, chasing each other, leaping and laying on little carpet mats like it's kindergarten nap time.
Cuteness abounds.
Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The bunnies know their treat containers

Back to the "bunnies are smart" theme, check out this Bunny CSI adventure starring Bunya and Alice.

Extracting the Exact
(All such plastic containers are thoroughly cleaned before being used for pet treats.)

Pawing the Probios
We think this is their favorite treat -
they will start running for the container
as soon as they hear us unscrewing the top
(this treat is good for their digestion).

It is amazing what they pick up on when they think a treat may be involved. If I just get up to walk in the direction of the kitchen, I have a little buntourage hopping along with me. Never mind that seconds before, they were in one of their little flopped together piles of Bunmuda Triangle, seeming barely awake. Or scattered to the four corners of the basement in search of adventure and just the right piece of cardboard to rip, tear and chew. Even if it was not my intent to go for a treat (for them, anyway), more often than not, they turn out to be right. A piece of papaya or something makes it their way. They have trained me well.

And heaven forbid my snack is in a crinkly bag that sounds like one of their treat bags. I will be sitting in my chair and instantly will have three little bunnies staring up at me from my right side. "Puppy dog eyes" can't hold a candle to three sets of "bunny may I pleeeeease have a treat" eyes.
So I have just started keeping their treat containers next to my chair.
I am such an easy touch. And they know it.
As I said, they have trained me well.

Does your pet know where you keep the good stuff?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skritching Bunya Bunny

Mr. Bunya had flopped on his side on the cool brick fireplace. He may have been a little perturbed after his Sunday morning grooming.

So ... went over to see if we were still friends.
This is a very short clip because it shows only the very end of the head skritching.
The whole time, his nose was pulsing in, for a bunny, a real slow tempo.

But, yeah, I think we're still buds.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday is now Bunny Meme-Day

Thought I'd give this a try for a while ... first day of the week is now Meme-day.
Some cuteness or a laugh - we could all stand to start the week that way!


They will also be added to the new page, Funny Bunny Memes.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm -- BatBun!

[Did you read the post title in a deep, hoarse whisper?
If not, go back and do it again.]

1. Quick, Robin, to the BunMobile!
2. Since when did Catwoman start stealing papaya & carrots instead of jewels?
That's just pure evil!
3. Really, human slave, why don't you take this silly thing off me
and put it on yourself, like you really want to do?
Or I'll chew holes in your Superman underwear.

Caption suggestions welcome!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

RR Submission - Bunnies in Paris

A RR reader sent in information on the artist/photographer of the recent meme/picture of the rampaging bunnies in an alternate universe. Here is another example of her work, with the RR reader's bunnies, Clyde (lop) and Marley (not lop ... okay, in black).

Clyde: Parlez vous humma-humma?
(Cheech & Chong reference)

The artist extraordinaire is Toni Greetis of the Red Door Shelter (where she is also a board member). She takes the pictures as one of her wonderfully creative fundraising campaigns.

You can see a video about their good works here or make a donation here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

New RR Page: Funny Bunny Memes

Had so many funny memes lately that it inspired me to look back through some other recent posts, which let to the idea of making it easier to laugh at our bunnies by collecting them all on one page.

So, if you check the page listing at the top of the right-hand column, you will see Funny Bunny Memes!

Like this one!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

If bunnies weren't the prey ...

... but the predators!

(Bunya and Ethel, after growth hormones?)
Picture from GHRS

What are those things in their mouths, you ask?
People ... pet neglectors and animal abusers.

Treat your bunnies well.
And give your bunnies treats.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where does your bunny like to be pet?

Assuming your bunny likes to be pet at all.

The chart below has recently popped up in several locations around the internet. Taking Bunya as my measuring stick, I have to whole-heartedly agree with the "Yes" indicators on the ears and forehead.

However, I must take exception to the "I Kill You!" territory. Much like the civil war and certain states, that needs to be divided into a "North" and "South" area. The label can stay on the southern section.

However, Bunya - and I gather many other bunnies - have a "hare" hair trigger in the northern section, just above the tail. Scratch him there and his automatic response is to start licking. He almost can't leave you until you stop. Until then, he will lick himself (e.g., doolap) or whatever else you might place in front of him ... your hand ... another bunny. If your bunny has this reaction, it's a nice little bunny bonding aid - he'll groom the other bun.

How does the chart above apply to your bunny?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ethel's tree house

In the process of cleaning up, the new chew house got set aside on the concrete block that is supposed to keep Lucy from eating the rug.

This didn't bother Ethel (actually, not much does, relatively speaking). She goes where she wants to go when she wants to go there. And as we've observed about her before, she likes the high ground.

So this was just a tree house chew house as far as she was concerned.

Ethel: My fort! Cool, huh?
Her fort ... until it's been chewed and recycled into the litter box.
Then we'll have to go back to the GHRS Hop Shop and buy another.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chew, Lucy, Chew *

Lucy was working her way through the corner of their chew mat. She would alternately chew it, box it and then snap off a strand.
Rinse, repeat.

Too long (about 2 minutes) but you can stop whenever you want (just don't tell me).

Personal opinion, but I think she's a very handsome bunny.

(* Movie reference, as in: Run, Forrest, Run)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bunny bonding at the HRS Rabbit Center

A very short video that is absolutely adorable!

If you have a single bunny that has the personality for a bonding, think about setting up a dating session with the bunny whisperer at your local House Rabbit Society shelter. Your bunny has to have been fixed to begin the matchmaking process (by the way, this also makes bunnies easier to litter box train and can double the life expectancy of females). If you love your bunny, you will appreciate a whole new aspect of their socialization and personality as they interact with a bonded mate.

When you adopt one bunny, you save two - the one you adopted and the one for which there is now room at the shelter.

For bunnies: 2 > 1 + 1

P.S. Almost forgot to mention: To skip the bonding process, adopt a bonded pair!
(That's what Lucy & Ethel are - sisters who have always been together ... at least since they were abandoned together on the steps of the GHRS.)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

More bunnies on TV

A RR fan in the UK spotted bunnies in a rerun on TV (the telly?) and shared a picture from the show.

Lee Majors and bunnies in The Fall Guy
"Rabbit's Feet"
Season 3, Episode 16 (01-25-1984)

Channel surfing, I spotted some bunnies in a movie on TV. It was Fool's Gold with Mathew McConaughey.
First, it showed a a cool neon bunny sign.

(I'd like one of these, but it looked pretty huge)

Then it showed a bunny being held and pet by a character named Bigg Bunny. When I heard the name at first, I really thought he was called "Big Bunya" but Mrs. Bunnymom was pretty sure it was not. She was right.
> : (

Bigg Bunny's big bunny

Bunnies everywhere - brought to you here.
= : )

Friday, January 18, 2013

Another cute bunny meme

Was going to post something else today, but then saw this, laughed out loud and had to share ...

From HRS Rabbit Center

That sounds like an excellent strategy to me!
Have a wonderful weekend - full of treats!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cute bunny meme

Baby bunnies in their car ...
Okay, if you don't "squee", you don't love bunnies or you have cuteness immunity.

1. We're headed to the farmer's market for veggies!
2. Everybody - sit down and fasten your seat belts.
3. Quick - follow that carrot!
4. What do you mean you left the keys in the litter box?

5. Watch out for that tree! (George of the Jungle reference)

The poor little one in the back seat looks frightened for dear life - clutching the seat back. Maybe she knows her sibling is not the best driver in the warren.

Caption suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bunny juice

No! Not juice made from bunnies. (You people ... really!)
Juice made for bunnies.

Sleepless nights and infomercials are a dangerous combination. But that's just my suspicion. For whatever reason, Dr. Mrs. Bunnymom got a juicer (it has more parts than a nuclear power plant).

Bunya, always willing to be first in line where food is concerned, dove right in.

Then he sat back on his haunches
and cleaned his face ... very cute.

Ethel really liked it.
We took it away
so there was no overload on this new treat.

For a minute there,
it looked like we had
four bunnies running for the bunny juice.

Just to be clear, this was treated as a "treat". It was a very small quantity composed of organic fruits and vegetables that bunnies are otherwise allowed to eat (e.g., carrot and apple).

Does your bunny (or other pet) have a favorite treat?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catch my bunny, please! *

Lucy does not liked to be picked up. Although she's mellowed a little bit (very little), that still holds true.

This girl needs some grooming! She's shedding and these little spikes of hair tufts are hangers-on around her bottom. She looks like a porcupine or something.

Lucy Ungroomed
When we start to clean their pen (a Sunday morning ritual),
Lucy starts by watching us - very carefully -
from her perch on the fireplace.
If we even look at her funny,
she zooms under the desk, where we can't reach her.
And she knows it.

P.S. Caught her unawares a couple of days later. For a couple of days after that, at least she looked like a bunny again.

* Tip o' the hat to Henny Youngman.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bunny things spotting in Argentina

A Roving Rabbit Ramblings Reporter (or RRRR) has been sending pictures from on the road. These are bunny sightings in Argentina (hopefully, the sources are accurate).

Kids store

Coffee shop

Electronics store ad

At the zoo

Ad on subway (bunny in right background)

Rabbit Ramblings - bringing you all the bunny news fit to print.
Or blog.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Bunny as clothing? No!
Well, this is acceptable.
If it's okay with the bunny.
A man with a rabbit on his head walks into a doctor's office.
The doctor says, "Hmmm. I see the problem."
The bunny says. "Well, it's pretty obvious -
do you think you can remove this man from my butt?

Detail of picture from

Friday, January 11, 2013

More on the bunny vinegar boxes

Yesterday's post here and on Facebook got a lot of hits and comments, in addition to readers checking out the related old post. So, here's a little more detail on the vinegar box construct.

This is the box in question.
It hold 4 super-sized bottles of vinegar.
A piece of cardboard reinforces the sides
and divides it in half.

Here is the divider outside the box.
The bunnies came over to see what I was doing to their box.
This is an extra that sits under the kitchen table.
You can see that there has been some drive-by nibbling
(check out the wavy right side of the box).

So the trick is to get 2 of these boxes and
turn them so there are openings on all 4 sides.
Then pull the 4 corners of one box over the corners of the other box.

This is the result: They will park themselves inside
to nap or just tear it up. Or stand on top.
The box divider gives them different levels and chambers in which to play.

Tank commander General Bunya Patton
(standing on upper level created by divider)

If you make one for your bunnies and they like it, send RR some pictures of them playing in or on it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More bunny boxes

Do all bunny people get excited by boxes?
Oh ... just me?

On my trip to Costco last week, I took one last look at my shopping list and realized I had forgotten to look for vinegar boxes (yes - it was on the list ... my memory's getting so bad, I could plan my own surprise party). Found a couple of empty ones near the back of the store. You can see them on the buncam, in pictures of the pen. Only now it has been "refreshed". This is probably around the 5th incarnation of it. The bunnies love it, so after they have chewed it paper thin, we replace it. (If you want to know why these particular boxes, you can read here.)

But Mrs. Bunnymom got a refurbished vacuum to use on the bunnies turf. I snagged the box it came in. It's large and low, like "the warren" (only smaller). Removed the tape and stickers, cut several ingress and egress holes and - Voila'.

Bunya ran straight through,
from one short end door and out the other.

Ethel loves the high ground.
She gets on top and explores
how she can get to the top of other nearby boxes.
After running through it and
poking her nose out of the different doors,
Lucy got on top and is just looking around,
trying to figure out what Ethel saw.

Does your bunny have a favorite box?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bunny sunbeam

Bunya does love his sunbeams ...

Bunya: I feel warmth!

Bunya finds his spot and settles into the loaf position to become a little bunny solar panel.

Well, don't you like your buns warm?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

RR Submission: Adoptable bunnies from HAWS

Remember Silky?
Well, Silky's bunny slave volunteered at HAWS, from where Silky was adopted. She sent RR these pictures of bunnies waiting for you to get there!

[Insert "Squee" here.]

While they seem calm,
they are anxious for you to
finish your paperwork and
take them home
from: HAWS

Monday, January 7, 2013

When bunnies chew carpet

It is not a good thing for your bunny.

Or your carpet, for that matter.
This can REALLY mess with your bunny's insides.
So if you see it, stop it somehow.
And watch their poops, to make sure they are going.
You may spot some strung together poops,
like a little necklace of poops.
Bad, bad, bad.
Watch your bunnies.
And their poop.
A great health status indicator.

Ethel is the first to explore the obstacle
now blocking access to the delectable corner of the rug.
Her decision - chin this obelisk and claim it as hers.

Lucy: Move this thing!
(Yes, we have a pretty good idea who the culprit is.)

Lucy: Blasted humans! I will figure out how to move this thing.
(We wouldn't bet against her.
She has found her way into some amazing places.)
Seriously though, even if you have bunny-proofed their environment (and we wish you sincere "Good luck" with that), check for what new mischief they may be making in hidden places.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A day in the life of a rescued bunny - in under 5 minutes

Fiona is a foster rabbit of the Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia chapter of the House Rabbit Society.

The time lapse video shows how active bunnies are and that they need room to be so.

Time lapse of 4,000 images taken December 25th, 2012.
And you thought I take a lot of pictures.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

HRS attitude adjustment banner

This would make a great New Year's resolution for us all ...

And especially for Lucy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Please nominate Rabbit Ramblings in the Bloggies! Before Jan 15th!

Yes, there is a contest for everything. If RR wins the grand prize, RR will double the cash award and donate it to our local all-volunteer, no-kill House Rabbit Society rescue and shelter.

By the way, the grand prize for 2013 is 2,013 cents. Yes, $20.13.

Anyway, this will take a few minutes (less than 5), but hopefully, the following will get you through it as fast as possible. Nominate only once (this is NOT one of those "vote daily" deals). 
[BTW, I had trouble getting the email confirmation with Chrome but got it to work with Internet Explorer.]

1. Go to the Bloggies voting site.
You are required to enter 3 unique blogs, so if you do not have other favorites, you can use the recommendations below. You can also enter up to 3 nominees within a category.

2. On the left of the screen, there are the voting categories (in the grey "ribbon" that stays on-screen).
Click on "Pet" category.
Copy this into the Nominee space: Rabbit Ramblings
Copy this into the URL space:

3. To complete the entry, here are some other categories and nominees:
(A) Click on "Group" category.
Copy this into the Nominee space: More of Me to Love
Copy this into the URL space:
(B) Click on "Travel" category.
Copy this into the Nominee space: Americana the Beautiful
Copy this into the URL space:
(C) Click on "Art/Craft" category.
Copy this into the Nominee space: Jonathan Brilliant
Copy this into the URL space:
3.A. You can also click on other categories, such as "weblog of the year" and enter the data in #2 above.
> : )

4. Go to the bottom of the page
Type the security words (those wavy words to make sure you are a real person and not a spam machine). 
Enter your email address - used for voting verification only
Click: Submit your nominations
5. Then later, go to your email and click on the link in the email sent to you by the Bloggies. This completes the nominating process. 
If you later decide you want to vote in other categories or for additional blogs within a category, you will invalidate your prior vote, so you should re-enter ALL the blogs you want to vote for. The latest VALIDATED (via email) vote is the one that counts. 

This nominating process closes January 15th. Voting will begin about a month later. 
If RR makes it, we'll let you know.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bunny doodle art

Some of the whimsical doodlings of Lim Heng Swee of (where the art is available for purchase).

These are bunny doodles, of course!
No wonder there are so many bunnies!
Will never look at a zipper the same way again.
Bunnies sharing dreams

Found out about these from another blog to which I subscribe, which also has a plethora of great bunny info and is listed on the resources page: Hopper Home.