Saturday, February 23, 2013

Status report: Mr. B & the Challenge

<<< Here's the status of the "challenge" issued for the benefit of GHRS:
We're only at 11.5% of the potential award to GHRS.
Please help GHRS buy the bunnies' shelter home via a Facebook "Like"...
Rabbit Ramblings will donate funds to the GHRS capital campaign based on the net increase in RR page "Likes" on its Facebook page by March 31, 2013. So, you have over a month to rally the bunny-loving brigade.

If you have already "Liked" RR (thank you from RR & GHRS), then tell your bunny friends to "Like" RR on Facebook, re-post the challenge or "share" it from the RR Facebook page.

GHRS is an all volunteer no-kill shelter that rescues, rehabilitates and finds homes for abandoned and abused domestic rabbits.

Thank you!

As to Mr. Bunya:
Bunya snuggling with BunnyMom
Progressing but not at the "we can bring him home point". Was re-x-rayed Friday and also visited by BunnyMom. So, we are hoping Saturday; if that looks likely, we will take Lucy & Ethel to the vet to spend the day with Bunya and bring them all home together later in the day.


  1. hope Bunya continues to get well,but we are not on facebook so we can't help with this but good luck

  2. Sending good thoughts your way - hope Mr. Bunya is feeling better now!