Monday, December 2, 2013

Bunny Monday Meme*day (Every crinkle)

This is so true!

They could be sleeping, hiding in a box, playing, drinking, eating hay, littering (in the litter box) - as soon as they hear the bag crinkle, they zoom front and center! And stare at you with those big bunny eyes. Six of them, like "Whatcha' got for us, huh, huh?!?"

It doesn't matter if it's a human treat for you. They dish out the googly-eyed guilt until you cave and give them a piece of papaya or Probios.

But for their good health, stick to bunny treats and don't let them guilt you into snacking on human treats that are bad for them (or even treats marketed for bunnies but that are still bad for them.)

For more information on bunny diet and treats, read this - Bunny care: What is a treat?

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