Friday, March 28, 2014

Small Pet Select donation program

Here is a way for you to get bunny supplies and have 10% of your order donated to help rescue bunnies!

The coupon code for the Georgia House Rabbit Society is GHRS.  When you use that coupon code, you get free shipping plus 10% will be donated to GHRS on every sale that uses this coupon code.  The coupon code can be used again and again -- there is no limit.

This picture/link will be in the right-hand column whenever you need to re-order:
Click here to go to Small Pet Select

The first time you order, you may want to use the coupon code GHRSRING -- you get a free bunny wrap ring plus 10% of the sale will be donated to GHRS. This coupon code is only good for one use per person. After that, every time you reorder, please use the coupon code GHRS to have 10% of your order donated to GHRS. Thank you!

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