Sunday, June 29, 2014

Itty bitty baby bunnies

Scamper was found roaming around the backyard of a bunny loving family that already had 10 of their own house rabbits (Yay, team!). Scamper lucked out because this family knew what to do. Or maybe Scamper knew what she was looking for.

Scamper was caught and taken to Windward Animal Hospital. She had a full body x ray because there seemed to be something wrong with her backside. Nothing was broken so Scamper was taken to GHRS. She was nursed back to health and was strong enough to schedule her spay for last Monday. However, the spay will have to wait because Scamper had other plans -- Sunday night she delivered 8 babies. 

Pictures of Scamper and her 6 day old baby bunnehs are below.

If you would like to help with their care, you can donate here.
No donation is too small; all are appreciated.



  1. awww so sweet,I hope they all grow up healthy and all get great homes,xx Rachel

  2. Just a thought. Didn't the x-rays show 8 little baby bunny skeletons? If too early, could the babies be injured by the x-rays?

    1. I don't know - I had the same thought as you about them showing up on the x-ray.