Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bunya update

Bunya came home from the vet late Saturday afternoon. Early that morning, Lucy & Ethel had been dropped off to room with Bunya for the day. Without this step, there could  be some re-bonding issues because (1) Bunya had been gone for almost a week and (2) Bunya would smell like the vet's office and not himself. This way, the girls got a little shake-up on the ride over, Bunya spends the day asserting his alpha status (the way bunnies do - even fixed ones) and they rode home in the carrier together.

Have not seen any big tufts of hair on the floor, which is a good thing.

The first thing Bunya did was chin everything.
"If I chin it, it's mine."
Lucy watched this from under the castle
on their "funhouse" (you can see her above).

Poor little Ethel watched from atop
the cinder bock behind the funhouse,
You can actually see her in the first picture
but here she is more clearly.

After a while, they seemed to be getting a little closer.

Bunya also settled into the premier flop spot,
just inside their pen by the gate.
Bunya checking out the hay cube box,
under Lucy's intense scrutiny.

Ethel, always the sweetest, snuggles close to Bunya.

They still seem a little cool towards each other, though,
and we are looking for more signs they are really re-bonding.
Bunya still feels the need to chase the girls around some
to make sure the first treat is his.

While he has made progress in breaking down the hairball obstruction in his stomach, Bunya still has to take medicine (Metoclopramide syrup and the rest of a tube of Bene-Bac Plus he started at the vet). Unfortunately, unlike the last time we had to go through this with him, he has decided that he does not like them and fights mightily to have you squirt yourself with the sticky liquid and wear the pasty goop.

Thank you to all the wonderful RRRR (Regular Rabbit Ramblings Readers) who sent Bunya healing thoughts and wishes and inquired as to his status. We're hoping for a full recovery,,, it just takes time.


  1. So glad to see Bunya home. You can just see Lucy writing a list of all the places she had to re-chin.

  2. Our bunny doesn't like Benebac either. We bribe him by smearing it on a small piece of kale. He tries to resist by eating all around the Benebac but he can't help himself and ends up eating it.

  3. Just found your blog! Lovely bunnies! Maybe follow my blog?