Friday, August 29, 2014

Mr. B takes his meds - a good boy!

Yes, there are other videos of Bunya taking his medicine but it still amuses me. The longer he is home from the vet, where they have to "bunny burrito" him, the better he gets about it. First, we have to burrito him, too. Then we just put him up on the counter so he can't go away. Now he's a the stage where we can call him and he'll come take his medicine. Of course, he gets a papaya treat after each dose, so he has some incentive.

In the beginning, you will see all 3 bunnies very briefly. Lucy comes over to scope it out in case there's a treat in it for her (and they all get a treat when he gets his med treat). Bunya is able to suck back about 2/3rds of the syringe before he has to stop and take a breath. He gets it down and licks his lips (that cute action was captured on the last video), and then he comes back to finish it off. Lucy & Ethel look on from the carpet, where they have better traction in case they have to run away.

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  1. my 1st bun was like that with meds,the 2nd bun wasn't to bad but Speedy he is a pain when it come to this,xx Rachel