Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bunnies home from their staycation

Took a long weekend away so the bunnies had a staycation at GHRS. They are not fans of car rides and Ethel seems the most traumatized by them.

When I picked them up, they all turned their backs and flipped me off (if you have bunnies, you know what this looks like... it's the bunny way of shooting you the "bird"). Talk to the butt because the bunny's pissed at you.

Huddled together in the carrier on the ride home.
Ears were shaking like leaves in a hurricane.
With their new rug came a new long tube
(in the center of the rolled up carpet).
Happy to see they didn't just hide at home,
but explored and played.
AFTER flipping me off as they exited the carrier. AGAIN.

You can see the prior rug tube
(bigger diameter) at the top of this picture.
They've chewed through parts and still love it.
When I went to let them out and feed them breakfast,
they seemed to have no problem remembering that
they get a morning papaya treat.
It looks like Lucy and Ethel are head-to-head
to see who will get groomed -
they are actually trying to snatch each other's papaya.

After the morning rituals,
Ethel, as usual, seeks the high ground.
This is the highest perch they can reach.

And there Ethel settled.

And home is home again.

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  1. Yep I know that speak to the butt thing all to well but i still scoop Speedy up for a cuddle,xx Rachel