Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I think the bunnies can tell time

For whatever reason, I give the bunnies their favorite treat, a Probios, at about 9:00pm every evening.

Probios is actually a horse treat that promotes good digestion; since they have a somewhat similar digestive system (they both eat hay) but are a little smaller than a horse, they only get one - broken into thirds.

It is also good for another reason: If one of the bunnies does not come for their Probios treat, he or she is sick and we have to take immediate action. So it is also a diagnostic tool. Like I said, they love them.

Anyway, I digress. Do you ever get a feeling that someone is staring at you? I was reading a book in my recliner and got that creepy feeling. I looked around, and down to my right saw this:

I turned to my left to see what time it was...

These bunnies can tell time. Or pretty close.
They all got their treat... on time.
Creepy. [Cue the Twilight  Zone theme here.]


  1. I *KNOW* bunnies can tell time. I had to give Scout her medications at random times around due time or she'd be in hiding. When I tried just moving up five minute increments she would hide 10 minutes before the new due time. So I had to sometimes give it 7 minutes before, sometimes 9 minutes after..

    I never did figure out where she stashed her watch.

    1. Watch must have been under the fur. Or was there a clock on the wall? [Very funny.]

  2. Yes, my Trinket wakes me up every morning at 4:30am either by hopping on my head or bunny kisses on the forehead. I tell him "I still have 45 minutes." He doesn't care. He just wants me to be on time to feed him and get to work. Silly little wabbit. :-)